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Bonjour! I’m Louisa.

For the past twenty years I’ve worked as a magazine journalist, editor, copywriter, and authored two memoirs.

What I love most about journalism, copywriting and editing is being able to combine my strengths: curiosity, meeting new people, writing, and storytelling. Being published so widely means sharing stories and information with so many people across the world. Proofreading and editing is peaceful for me, a right-brain way to indulge my detail-obsessed Virgo moon by ‘cleaning up’ pages of writing, list-making, sorting the left-brain poetry of creativity into a clean and clear story…

After writing my second memoir, A Letter From Paris, I’ve started working with writers to plan their books for publication. I can help with manuscript assessments, proofreading, and memoir-specific coaching and support. My specialty is non-fiction and memoir.

I recently discovered my late father’s hand-typed French memoir in a Melbourne library. His tales of living in post-war France explained my life-long fascination with all things French, and convinced me even more about the value and power of writing. Words can cross time and reach loved ones decades after we’ve gone. How wonderful is that?

In the end, all we get to leave behind is our story.

Let’s make it a beautiful one!


A Letter from Paris…

What would you do if someone you thought you’d lost forever,
sent you a message from Paris…?



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