Three memoir prompts to get you writing

Sometimes starting your story is the hardest part. Here’s three writing prompts to get you writing: 

1: Imagine you’re describing your current living situation to someone from a foreign country who has no television / internet / concept of the customs or rules of your town. Go into detail about how you work, eat, live, who you surround yourself with, what motivates you, what laws affect the most fundamental issues in your life? 


2: What’s the biggest process of transformation you’ve ever been through? What prompted it? How long did it take? Jot down the key events that happened during the process, and how you came out the other side… 


3: What’s the most intense memory you have from childhood? If you could only tell one story about your childhood to help someone get to know you better, what would it be?  

These prompts might help you find the topic of your memoir, but mainly they’ll help you get to know your own story. Which is what memoir is, in essence. 

Happy writing, friends!



About the Author:

I write, read and teach memoir. I'm a paper cut survivor from way back. I love cats, kindness and coffee.

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