Postcard from Paris


I thought I’d send you an electronic postcard with news from Paris because you can never fit enough writing on the paper version!

It’s been over 30 degrees every day since we got to Europe almost two weeks ago. In Paris, yesterday, it was 37 degrees. This is not the Paris I know, where you seek refuge in the canopy of bistros and always wear a scarf!

But I’m not complaining. Everything is different over here, not just the weather. Locking up my apartment in frosty Melbourne cold, it was really hard to picture what this trip would be like. I already know that I never leave enough time to account for the brain-fry that is jet-lag, but I met a nice understanding lady at Le Pain Quotidien in Hampstead, London, who somehow noticed I’m from Australia and pitied my face.

“Have you found yourself crying at odd hours of the day?”

Why, yes, kind stranger, I have. How did you know?

You don’t realize how far away Australia is from the rest of the world until it takes you a day to get there, then almost a week to recover from the shock that you’ve crossed the time-space continuum  and the sun is in the opposite direction in the sky.

After nightmares that my book wasn’t actually being published (and that I’d deluded myself for two years), I was sitting in the hotel lobby at Hotel Sevres Saint Germain on Wednesday morning when the poste arrived with a package. The receptionist gleefully called me over (I’d been pestering her for days about it) and I burst into tears (again). It’s so beautiful.

I feel like Eloise of the picture-books staying in this hotel, all happy and child-like and passing over our key with a “a tout alors!” whenever we exit the building. It’s very luxurious staying in a hotel in Paris, having your bed made and your towels changed and your coffee re-filled but especially having someone hand you your mail and wish you good morning in French every day.

Since my book’s physical ‘birth’ I’ve been carrying her all across Paris, taking her out for lunch at the Tuileries (above), to visit Notre Dame and the bridges of Paris, and today we travel down South to Saint Clair, Le Lavandou. And, of course, I’ve showed the French family which made me cry all over again.

On Wednesday, despite sweltering heat I visited Paris bookshops Libraire Galignairi, WH Smith on the Rue De Rivoli, and Shakespeare and Co as I’d promised, with bookmarks and bookplates.

As I passed the lady at Shakespeare + Co my prized first copy, she said sweetly:

“She is straight from the oven!”

Next week we’ll return for one of Shakespeare + Co’s lovely Thursday evening readings for our last night in Paris, before the long journey back to Melbourne.

It’s been amazing to be back in France again. I love the symmetry and the beauty on street-corners everywhere. I also love having French TV on in the background, (and learning new French words like “assassin” from the newspapers. And if you’ve never read your horoscope in French, you must try.) The French language is so dramatique…For pisces, apparently this week was all about a ‘voyage of le cour’…

A tout alors!

PS Publication date for A Letter From Paris in Australia is 3 September, and in the United Kingdom (including Paris English-language bookstores and, of course, Amazon), 13 September. You can pre-order her here.


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I write, read and teach memoir. I'm a paper cut survivor from way back. I love cats, kindness and coffee.


  1. Jo McMahon July 28, 2018 at 6:44 am - Reply

    Hi Louisa. Thank you for the update. At last, fresh out of the oven – such a lovely sentiment from such a source!!!

    I wish you a safe journey back to Oz and I hope you can rest up properly when you get home. I am sure Sabrina will pop back across the Rainbow Bridge in spirit to welcome you home and give you congratulatory hugs and tisses.

    Saw part of the eclipse early this morning and the stars and planets were so clear.

    Bestest wishes
    Jo in Toowoomba

    • Louisa July 31, 2018 at 9:01 am - Reply

      Thank you dear Jo! A lovely note. Yes, it was a blood moon eclipse, uber powerful!
      One more week in France and i’m not rushing it at all… <3

  2. An Krikilion July 28, 2018 at 8:45 am - Reply

    Hello Louisa, I would love to pre-order your book! My adress is Reginalaan 8, 8670 Oostduinkerke, Belgium. If you send me a message with the price and the accountnumber, I will pay the book and the cost to send it to me. It would be lovely if you write a message in it! Thank you 😊😊😊 An Krikilion

    • Louisa July 31, 2018 at 9:01 am - Reply

      Thanks, An, I will send you an email. <3

  3. Zivah July 31, 2018 at 11:51 am - Reply

    Hi Louisa. I love everything about this postcard from Paris. I have a traveller’s heart and France is a place I’d like to travel to, but to visit Place Dauphine at Pont Neuf. I also have the soul of a writer and find the act of sending postcards timeless and soul enriching – Jane Austen-era style. Congratulations on completing your book. May it inspire and fascinate and motivate many a soul to write their memoir too – including me! Safe journey home to Melbourne.

    Best regards

    • Louisa July 31, 2018 at 1:48 pm - Reply

      Thank you Zivah – I’ve sent some physical postcards too, but the price of postage from France to Australie makes them quite a luxury! Thanks also for the safe travel wishes. Happy writing <3 Louisa

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