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30-Day Journalling for Memoir e-course 

If you ache to write a book-length memoir, but don’t know where to start, I’ve created a thirty day e-course to get you writing in the BEST way to fuel a published memoir.

Perhaps you have a blog, or enjoy writing long instagram captions when you’re travelling, or your send mammoth emails when you’re inspired, but you’ve never kept a structured (or even repetitive) daily writing routine?
This journalling course is like getting a writing coach in your inbox every morning. I’ve used the same prompts, questions and self-development tricks and tools to fuel a 20-year journalling practice (and two published memoirs).

Daily journalling is the number one daily habit I recommend you must have in place before you even begin to plan the first draft of your memoir or non-fiction book. 

Why?  Because good writing – particularly memoir – is grounded in observation and self-awareness. You also need to be unafraid to pour things down – good or bad – on the blank page.

I’ll give you the exact tool-kit that I’ve used to establish and keep up a 20-year daily journalling habit in this course. By the end of the month, the concept of writing a book-length personal story or even a just an essay will no longer scare you.

Read more about why journalling is so fundamental to memoir – plus get a sneak peek at the course content

Although a memoir is definitely not a diary, you will end up using your journals to recall details, places, times, feelings, and observations that may prove tantamount to a crucial scene or chapter in your book or a personal essay you want to get published.  

And, most importantly, journalling will help you find your writing ‘voice’. This is that intangible asset that makes you and your personal story so incredibly unique and special. Your voice is precious, and you can’t find it unless you give yourself time to journal – unedited – for no-one but you.

All you have to do is set aside 30-60 minutes every morning to read the daily email I send you, and start writing from the prompts. The course is delivered via 31 daily emails (you get a starter email so you can prepare for day 1), with a bonus 30 writing prompts, so you can keep journalling for months and years to come. You can also repeat the course whenever you want – the emails, prompts and the e-book is yours to keep.

“I kept a journal on my PCT hike, which I noted passingly in WILD. My journal was enormously helpful to me as I wrote the book, often providing me with details I’d have forgotten.” Cheryl Strayed, bestselling author of the memoir WILD

Where you can be in JUST 30 days:

  • Clear on your writing ‘voice’ 

  • Seeing how your daily life can feed into a universal story

  • More aware of how little daily details can feed into a broader story structure

  • Possessing better writing skills (through the rule of ‘practice makes perfect!’)

  • Unafraid of the blank page – in fact, excited to pour all sorts of things down onto it!

  • With the BEST daily habit to get you writing a memoir

  • Approximately 15 000 words ahead in your memoir draft

  • Ready to journal for another 30 days with the bonus PDF you receive with another month’s prompts! (So it’s really a 60-day course)

The course is structured like a daily coaching / motivation session where I’m feeding you the questions to answer in your journal. You also get 1-3 quotes on the daily topic to ponder on the page, as well.

This is because I’ve found that written prompts are better to fuel a journalling practice.
My 1: 1 writing coaching starts at $299, but this way, you get my words and motivation in your inbox (for 30 days!) plus another 30 prompts to keep you going (valued at $35) at the completion of the course. Each daily tip is around 300-500 words, and tailored in a way to get you thinking about your personal story. Which is, essentially, memoir. On completion of the course you also get a 60 page e-book of the course material (valued at $34.99), so you can go back and revisit any of the daily prompts to write more on that topic, perhaps when you start writing the first draft of your memoir.

So in essence, you get two months of writing coaching, in a way that will move you gently but surely forward towards a book-length memoir.

The price? $1500 $97 USD

Get yourself 15 000 words further into your first draft in JUST 30 days by starting your daily journalling practice today!

I absolutely LOVED the course. It was definitely one of the best things I have done in terms of my writing. Journalling (with your course) helped me see myself as someone else would see me…The course was perfect in its content and the prompts are amazing. I would highly recommend this course to anyone struggling to get creative on a daily basis…”
Liz Roe, South Africa

I really loved the course. All of your writing prompts were so relevant and thought-provoking. I looked forward to reading your emails every morning and it has pushed me to finish my book. Writing was missing from my life for a few years, and you inspired me to just do it.
Courtney Lacomblez, France

The course gave me a big shift back to being a ‘writer’, and getting back to the fundamentals. I averaged 5-6 pages every day… (but) one daily prompt brought 16 pages out of me. The best thing about the course was having the emails come in every day and being accountable to someone outside myself, knowing it was an intensive.
Liz Hall-Downs, Australia

From day one I couldn’t stop at just two pages…I loved the course.
Megan Warren, Australia