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A little about me

I’ve always loved writing. Before the internet existed, I poured my pocket money into special stationery to send letters across the world. Something about letters seemed like time travel – with ink, a stamp and some paper, you could communicate with anyone, regardless of their physical distance. What’s more powerful than that?

After finishing my writing studies at RMIT, I worked at a daily newspaper and women’s magazines in Melbourne and Sydney, until I went fully freelance, writing feature stories, interviews and columns for newspapers, magazines and websites for a number of years. Health, beauty, medicine and psychology were some of my favourite topics, and some of my stories were also picked up for radio interviews and guest spots. I also lectured at my alma-mater, RMIT, on making a career as a freelance journalist.

In twenty years, I’ve been published in hundreds of Australian and US magazines and publications including Vogue, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Overland, Cosmopolitan, Sunday Life, Body + Soul, and many more… One of my career highlights during this time was interviewing Sir Barry Humphries for Sunday Life.

I’ve always loved reading memoir and non-fiction, and my first book, Love & Other U-Turns was a travel memoir published by Allen and Unwin. On publication it was nominated for the Nita. B Kibble Literary Award and Cosmopolitan’s Fun, Fearless Female Award in the author category.

This year my second memoir, A Letter From Paris comes out from Scribe.

Working on A Letter From Paris was one of the biggest projects of my life. In some ways, it felt like my most important life’s work. But like anything worthwhile, I had many doubts during the process. I learned an enormous amount about writing, editing and publishing memoir from working through my father’s papers, which is why i’ve now started teaching memoir via my online course, books and workshops.

When not reading, writing and throwing myself into my latest research topic, I can be found lingering at a library somewhere, patting all the local cats (I miss my Sabrina), browsing French pharmacies, or cooking a giant batch of chilli con carne.

I love kindness, miracles, learning and dreams.

I think we’re all here to grow, and a little terror (just a little) means you’re on the right track.



We don’t see things as they are,
we see them as we are... Anais Nin