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Query edit package

Your query – and the first chapters of your manuscript – can nab you or lose you a book deal. Get your query in polished form via a sharp hook and a few key edits.

Thanks to you, Louisa, I was able to plan writing my first book around a full-time job. The deadline was overwhelming, but having you break it down into a weekly routine gave me clarity to move forward so that i could get it to the publisher on time.
Karina Machado, bestselling author

The process of working with you has been fantastic, Louisa. You’re clear, reliable and have given me valuable feedback on my writing.
Justine Sless, Writer & Comedian

Let me give your query – and your first twenty pages – a good polish so that you can feel confident sending your proposal out.

Your query needs to hook the reader, you need to set up a clear comparison for similar comp titles, and you need to use minimal words to get there.
Likewise, the first twenty pages of your memoir manuscript need to grab the attention of an editor who wades through 20-30 of these on a quiet day.
The most common mistake most unpublished authors make is not to get to the point of the story early on. For more on this, read this Memoir Masterclass post I wrote on the #1 reason most manuscripts are rejected.

Save yourself the heartache of an ignored query and an empty inbox by getting some professional feedback before you send your manuscript out on submission.

  • A track-changes edit of your query

  • Suggested comp titles & feedback on your hook

  • Feedback on the first 30 pages of your manuscript.

  • Feedback will be delivered via email within 30 days of payment.

Investment: $347 USD

Let’s polish my pitch!

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