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The process of working with you has been fantastic, Louisa. You’re clear, reliable and have given me valuable feedback on my writing.
Justine Sless, Writer & Comedian

Get your memoir in tip-top submission-ready form

Is this you? You’ve written a complete draft of your memoir (80-110 000 words), you’ve worked it and re-worked it as much as you possibly can on your own, but you’re ready for some professional feedback and you need clarity on where to go next.

I’ll give you written structural editing advice, and we’ll clarify your next steps in the submission process in a one-hour follow-up call. I’ll also prepare a submission ‘next steps’ to-do list so you’re ultra clear on the process – where to submit, how, and when, and what else you need to get ready before you let an agent or publisher look at your work.

I’ll also offer email support in the months after our feedback session, as you get your agent or publisher responses, because I know how nerve-wracking the process can be.

From manuscript to publication - a paperback on a cafe table in Paris

Thanks to you, Louisa, I planned my first non-fiction around a full-time job and got it to the publisher on time!

Karina Machado, bestselling author of the Spirit Sisters Trilogy

I gained an enormous amount of clarity from our session. After our skype, I wrote 15 000 words of the draft and made the deadline for the writer’s grant.

Glynis Ratcliffe, writer

How I can help you:
  • I know the industry. I’ve worked as a freelance journalist, copywriter, editor on books, newspapers and magazines, as well as successfully written, pitched (and published) two memoirs. One was accepted on proposal only, the first had an offer of publication within a week. I love the proposal process (I know, weird!)
  • I’ve worked with literary agents and direct with publishers and editors at major publishing houses – I know the pros and cons (and ins and outs) of both
  • I devour memoir as a genre and can give you guidance to where your story sits in the marketplace
  • I really love seeing good work get in tip-top, pitch-ready form so that it can get out in the world!
Here’s where you’re at:
  • You want to be published traditionally (if you want to self-publish, I’m not the right coach for you – self-publishing is not my expertise)
  • You have a manuscript of 80 – 110 000 words which is as good as you can get it on your own. Note: I’m not going to proofread your work, the editing feedback I give you will be structural.
  • You’ve drafted your synopsis (it doesn’t need to be perfect, but you need a draft so I can help you shape it up for your pitch)
  • You’ve drafted an author bio (again, we can work together to snazz it up)
  • You have an idea of your dream publisher or agent (we will workshop the submission process and how you can get your book in front of them)
Be super clear on next steps within 30 days.
Here’s what I deliver:
  • Ten pages of written structural feedback on your memoir as well as a written edit of your book synopsis and bio
  • A one hour 1:1 skype / phone chat about next steps where I answer any questions you have on my feedback on the structure before you work on the edits
  • A written email after our skype outlining next steps to get your manuscript in front of your dream publisher or agent, and exactly what you need to send them
  • Email support through the submission process
Investment: $2000 USD

I’m currently fully booked until September.