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Plan Your Book 1:1 Coaching

$1997 AUD / Three payments of $749 AUD

Are you yearning sit down to write your first draft, but you just don’t know how to map it out …?

Do you need someone to help you with your outline or give feedback on your writing style?

Perhaps you’ve written a few thousand words… But what to do next…?
Is there a map you can use? A formula?

Thanks to you, Louisa, I was able to plan writing my first book around a full-time job. The deadline was overwhelming, but having you break it down into a weekly routine gave me clarity to move forward so that i could get it to the publisher on time.
Karina Machado, bestselling author

The process of working with you to get my short story collection ready for submission has been fantastic, Louisa. You’re clear, reliable and have given me valuable feedback on my writing.
Justine Sless, Writer & Comedian

Thanks for the motivation and advice you gave me a few months ago, Louisa. I’ve just finished the first draft of the first book in the series and am ready to start a new one!

Russel Hutchings, author of the Mantra-6 series

As a published author and freelance editor, I can help you plan your book. I’ll help you map out exactly how long it will take you to write the first draft. You’ll also have all the templates and outlines a publisher will be looking for when you’re ready for submission, so that you know you’re on track to a marketable, bestselling book.

I’ve been there and i’ve simplified the most complex of memoir topics.
When I sat down to write my second memoir, A Letter From Paris, I panicked.

I’d signed the contract with the publisher and had to deliver a first draft in a matter of months.
But, the story was huge. It’s the story of my dad, it’s the story of me, it was a journey to France and London and a whole cast of other famous and unknown characters.

How to ensure that my first draft wasn’t a complete mess that needed re-writing from scratch? Did I mention that I was on a super tight deadline…?
Thankfully, I’ve written a book before. I studied story structure and broke down the first draft into a step-by-step process so that I could nip any inconvenient writer’s block in the bud.

Because of the clear guides I made myself, I wrote the first draft of A Letter From Paris in a matter of months.

I’ve developed a series of tools and guides to map out your first draft and make the process quicker, clearer and much more likely to be snapped up by your chosen publisher. If you plan to self-publish, I will give you clear guidance on what you need to get ready.

Let’s plan your book together in six sessions.

I’ll give you clear guides and tools, feedback on your writing, and we’ll check your book has a clearly defined place in the market.

Stop putting off your dream of writing a book and let me show you how to plan it out.

Details of what our coaching sessions cover are below.


$1997 AUD / Three payments of $749 AUD
What you get
  • Preliminary written feedback on up to 5000 words of your memoir
  • 6 one-hour skype sessions
  • Carefully-curated feedback material after each session

  • Written feedback on your synopsis

  • Help articulating your one-sentence nub summary

  • Written feedback and guidance on your universal themes

  • Guidance on bestsellers in your memoir genre

  • Help clarifying your memoir’s central conflicts

  • Answers to any pressing questions and internal dilemmas which are blocking you from sitting down to write your first draft.

This program is for you if:

You have a strong idea, perhaps a few thousand words already written, and just want to know how to clarify the process so that when you sit down to write, the words flow into a cohesive first draft.

You also need to have a minimum of three hours writing time per week during the course of our coaching.

By the end of our sessions you will:

  • Be clear on the central premise & driving desire of & your memoir.
  • Have your one sentence summary memoir ‘nub’
  • Know your memoir’s universal theme(s)
  • Have your memoir synopsis
  • Have your memoir chapter outlines
  • Understand the basics of the archetypal hero’s journey and the three act structure
  • Know your memoir’s sub-genre and bestsellers in that genre
  • Know your memoir’s key conflicts (internal and external)
  • Have your memoir intention and motivation
  • Feel ready and able to get cracking on writing your first draft

Package Details:

Investment: $1997 AUD / Three payments of $749 AUD

Session 1: Clarity on central theme or idea / one sentence NUB / Universal theme

Session 2: Book genre and 3 bestsellers in your book’s field

Session 3: Your book’s internal and external conflicts and central desire

Session 4: How to write your synopsis

Session 5: Writing your chapter outlines along & the three act structure

Session 6: Wrap up, overcoming your biggest writing blocks and next steps

Pre-or-post sessional feedback from me on your writing voice and style

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