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Write Your Memoir Online Course

Warning: this course could make your publication dreams come true.

Are you burning to write your memoir but you just don’t know how to start, how to fit it into your busy life, where to even begin with such a task…?

I created the write your memoir course to share everything that I’ve learned about breaking down the process of writing and publishing two memoirs.

Thanks to you, Louisa, I could finally see exactly how to fit writing my first book around full-time work. You broke down my weekly writing time and helped me see how i could meet the deadline.

Karina Machado, bestselling author of Spirit Sisters, Where Spirits Dwell, and Love Never Dies.

Investment: $997 AUD

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a nibble from an interested publisher – do you want to know how to write your memoir so that it’s in tip-top submission-ready form?

Writing your memoir can launch your career and set you up as an expert in your field. But to get your book ready for publication, you need to follow certain steps. 

Before I landed my first book deal, I wished I could gain clarity on the process from someone who had been published. Instead, I scoured the internet for interviews with some of my favourite authors. I searched for visual steps and cues, I studied my favourite memoirs like they were road-maps, and I attacked the goal of getting published with the gusto of a hungry lion. I also broke the huge task down step-by-step, bite by bite. I love to simplify huge tasks, and this is what i did to get my first memoir written.

After following all the steps I’d taught myself, I submitted Love & Other U-Turns to my dream publisher and was contacted with an offer of publication within a week.

With A Letter From Paris, my second memoir, I secured a book deal on proposal only.

In this course I share all the tools I used to plan, pitch and write both memoirs. I break down the process for you and I answer all your pressing questions.

I also share hundreds of personal and practical insights so that you can have what I always wanted when I wrote my first memoir:

A step-by-step, first-hand guide by someone who’s been there and simplified the process.

If you’d like to know how to take your memoir idea from thought to form to printed, published book, I can show you the way.

My online memoir writing course takes you through all the steps you need to take to get your ideas from your head and your heart into a cohesive, globally-appealing story that a publisher will delightfully snap up.

Your story is unique and I’m going to show you exactly how to find where it sits in the marketplace as well as map it out and get it written in a structure that appeals to as wide an audience as possible.

If this is the year you’ve committed to writing your memoir, and you want to work with solid guidance from someone published in the field, this course is for you.

Investment:  $997 AUD

What it Includes…

This self-paced course covers all the fundamentals to finish your memoir and get it ready for submission to a publisher.

Each step includes a half-hour online video and a thirty-page workbook.

The course is delivered via email with passwords to the videos and downloadable e-books.

Below is a short video which gives you an overview of the course.

You can also get a sneak peek of my video content via the Memoir Monday videos on my Vimeo channel.

Bonus! Private COACHING from a published author

Every course participant gets a free 1:1 memoir coaching session with me!

Clarify your memoir ‘nub’ or title, riff on your first draft dilemmas, or gain clarity on any step of the publishing process in our one-hour call (skype or phone, depending on your location).

You can book this in at any time in the course… But I recommend you wait until you’ve at least completed Steps 1 and 2 (which will probably answer many of your questions…)

Course Outline

 I created this course to include exactly what I needed and wanted, when I wrote my memoir.

The write your memoir course gives you access to a published author in your field and a community of like-minded professionals committed to finishing their memoirs.

If you want to make this the year you finish your memoir and get it ready for submission, write your memoir is for you.

In this step we cover the fundamentals of clarifying your memoir topic and where it sits in the marketplace, as well as certain habits you need to establish before you sit down to map out your first draft. This step is fundamental to knowing where your memoir will sit in the publishing marketplace.

In this step we move through all the templates you need to craft a book proposal a publisher will want and that you can use to map your first draft.
I also share a planning template which helps you map exactly how long it will take to write your first draft, as memoir synopsis and chapter outline examples, as well as other planning tools I used to successfully secure a publishing deal.

In this step we cover the basics of the three-act story structure, where to begin your memoir, weaving in backstory, clarifying your memoir’s conflict, and dozens of writing prompts to get you meeting your first draft deadline and eliminate any resistance from writing the first draft.

In this step we cover the basics of the second Act (in my opinion, the most important act of any memoir!) including dozens of writing prompts and questions, as well as insights and guidance into the emotional process involved working on a large piece of personal writing.

In this step we cover how to overcome the common agonies of writing memoir, particularly fear of exposure. This step covers finishing the third act, with writing prompts, tips and tricks for ‘resolving’ the major crisis or question of your memoir, as well as guidance to ensure you finish the first draft in this step. I also tell you exactly what to do when you’ve finished the first draft.

In this step I share publishing secrets from working with professional editors and agents, which will help you self-edit your manuscript and craft a manuscript that is up to industry standard and will be snapped up by an editor.
Plus I’ll share with you the most important thing you can do BEFORE you submit your manuscript to a publisher.

Examples of Course Content

By the end of this online memoir course, (provided you do the homework), you WILL have a first draft of your memoir. You’ll also have the knowledge of exactly how to self-edit your memoir and get it to a state to submit to a publisher.

Warning: this course could make your publication dreams come true.

Investment:   $997 AUD