How to get published in 2020

Is getting your memoir published in 2020 your dearest dream?
Then I know the following info is going to help you!
I was exactly where you are, right now, and it’s only because i devoted myself to mastering the craft of not just writing memoir, but strategising for publication, that I succeeded.
You can, too!

Where to, now?

If you haven’t yet written the full draft (or you’ve started it but don’t know where to go with it), you need to take a look at my 90 day memoir manuscript program. It’s the complete blueprint I followed to write both Love & Other U-Turns and A Letter From Paris first drafts in 3 months. The first draft is the agony draft, but with prompts, structure, a complete step-by-step guidance system to follow, it can be simple.

And if you have that complete draft but you’ve tried, been rejected, felt dejected, tried again and got even more confused about what to do to achieve that dream of inking a publishing deal, you need to look at Memoir Academy.

It’s all there for you

I couldn’t find this info anywhere when I started. So you’re lucky! It’s all laid out for you. Book coaches didn’t exist – and if they did, I didn’t need one. I was plenty motivated to write, it was more about the actual valid and accurate info about how to turn the mass of words into a sellable, marketable memoir that eluded me.
I had no idea there was a system, let alone how to follow it for success.

A publishing strategy

I’ve poured 20 years of hard-won insider knowledge and secrets of publishing into both 90 Day Manuscript & Memoir Academy so you can take a tenth of the time it took me (!) to get your memoir pitch-ready and primed for publication! There’s even a secret queue-skipping strategy in Memoir Academy to help you avoid the whole cold pitching that can be time-consuming and agonising. Did you know that many memoirists (including me) get an agent or editor connection through a shorter piece? I show you how to do that in Memoir Academy.

Since deciding to re-focus on ghostwriting and editing work, I’ve made these programs ‘evergreen’ which meant I could bring the price down dramatically, as well as adding payment plan options for each. So if the cost has been stopping you getting the help you need to achieve this dream, you can now learn what took me years of interactions with publishers and agents in 8 or 12 weeks!

You don’t need anymore manuscript critiques! Learn the steps and the checklists agents and publishers are looking for in a memoir and you will be completely empowered.

Memoir Academy is my personal favourite, as it’s really the type of info I couldn’t find ANYWHERE when i was trying to sell my memoir to a traditional publisher. Remember: I studied writing and editing. I’d worked in publishing – these secrets are closely-guarded to keep the powers-that-be… hm, well, I guess, even more elitist? I don’t know.

I DO know that my system works, though. Lovely Alice (who’d been struggling with her memoir for 7 years) said after completing Memoir Academy “I wish I’d had this info from the start…” we’d been to the same workshop that gave us completely inaccurate advice about how to query. It wasn’t until I (successfully) sold a book on query only that I knew what worked – my template (and examples!) are included, along with the full list of what goes into a synopsis, proposal, first chapters, author bio etc. Alice has now completely changed her memoir so it has a strong HOOK. This is the most fundamental aspect to pitching memoir. I show you how it’s done in Week 2 – so you don’t waste months (or years, as was the case for Alice) writing a book without a hook.

Both Memoir Academy and 90 Day Memoir contain plotting and structural blueprints to really help you turn your mass of material into a page-turning book that can then be sold to a traditional publisher.

And of course, 30 day memoir journalling course is where it all begins: with a beautiful writing practise that really helps you become more peaceful and productive before you think of starting that book.

Happy December, happy writing, happy everything. Want to have a strategy for success so you can pitch that manuscript that’s been gathering dust? If you start Memoir Academy today you could be ready by Feb. Imagine!!

I hope these programs bring you all the success that the tools and techniques have brought me.
Often it only takes one key piece of publishing info to turn that rejection story right around into one of joy and success. That’s what it was like for me!

Louisa xx


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