Free memoir writing class with Louisa Deasey

Here’s what you’ll learn:
✔️ EXACTLY how writing memoir differs from novels & other nonfiction
✔️ An author’s 5-step method for CLARITY & validating that your idea is compelling
✔️ The storytelling structure used in bestselling memoirs WILD, MAID & EDUCATED

Louisa Deasey is one of the best teachers around. An absolute master in the process, craft and publication of memoir.
Alice Lundy

Hi! I’m Louisa

I’ve traditionally published two memoirs and I’ll show you exactly how memoir writing differs from other genres!
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Get set for clarity with your true story and how to turn it into a compelling book! 👇

About your teacher

Louisa Deasey is an author, educator, and publishing strategist with over 20+ years’ experience in print and online media.
Louisa has worked as a journalist, editor and freelance writer on thousands of nonfiction interviews, articles, essays & features for major media, and authored two books, both memoirs. Love & Other U-Turns was published by Allen & Unwin in 2010 and A Letter From Paris was published by Scribe in 2018, released on three continents and produced as an audio book by Blackstone.
Louisa lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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