About Louisa

Louisa’s 20+ year career has spanned freelance journalism, magazine editing, media coaching, scriptwriting, digital multimedia content creation, copywriting, teaching, broadcast media, authoring two books (both memoirs), guest speaking, ghostwriting and consulting on nonfiction book proposals for editors, publishers and literary agents, and coaching first-time authors from book deal to book launch to reaching the bestseller list.

The longer version…

I studied Professional Writing & Editing at RMIT after completing a Literature degree at La Trobe University, Melbourne.

After that, I worked at a metropolitan newspaper then went freelance to write for major magazines and newspapers including The Age, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, BODY + SOUL, Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and hundreds more… This was the ultimate creative freedom for me: to write and learn and get published and paid for my original work and ideas – and avoid fluorescently-lit offices.

In 2006 I travelled Australia while freelancing from my laptop and later wrote the travel memoir Love & Other U-Turns on the experience. Bookseller & Publisher called it “engaging” and “Eat, Pray Love meets Tim Winton” (phew!) when it was published.
After the swift decline of print media I retrained in digital communications, working for Channel 9, NOVA FM, Melbourne University and many more organisations producing digital and multimedia content, scripts for evergreen videos, speeches and ghostwritten articles for Academics and CEOs, and a massive amount of digital learning content for some of the early adopters of the e-learning model.

In early 2016, A Letter From Paris appeared in my life. Writing my second book was one of the most difficult and fulfilling projects of my life.  At certain points it seemed an impossible task: turn a story that spanned continents and decades on a man (and a time) I never really knew into a publication-ready book. Streamlining and simplifying the process of writing a complex memoir / biography manuscript formed the basis of my first online course, now called The Art of Memoir.
Since A Letter From Paris was first published in 2018, it’s been released on three continents and produced as an audio production. I’ve spoken on podcasts and international media on writing and publishing a personal narrative including The ABC, SBS, Radio France, and The BBC World Service. I’ve also been invited as a guest speaker for events and organisations including the Australian Special Air Service Association, Geelong Regional Libraries, Paris to Provence and The Alliance Francaise de Melbourne and Sydney.

While self-publishing has taken off and gives writers a (quicker) option, I only work with authors who seek success in the traditional book publishing industry.
When you stand inside a beautiful bookshop or a library filled with centuries of expertly-curated knowledge and wisdom, you realise just how long-lasting the written word can be. To be a traditionally-published author who reaches bestseller status takes an entire global symphony of production considerations, hierarchies, events and logistical considerations.. and that’s after you’ve mastered the manuscript! I’m determined to give writers the professional guidance around the elusive systems and processes involved in traditional publishing.

Writing, media and publishing is a balancing act of internal and external work…but it’s the only life for me.