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A little about me…

I’ve always loved writing. Before the internet existed, I poured my pocket money into special stationery to send letters across the world. It wasn’t just writing and receiving letters I loved, it was the idea that words could travel across time and place, with nothing more than a stamp.

After finishing my studies at Melbourne’s RMIT, I worked at The Herald Sun newspaper and lifestyle magazines, before I went fully freelance, writing feature stories, interviews and columns for newspapers, magazines and websites for over ten years. I also lectured at my alma-mater, RMIT, on working as a freelance writer.

In twenty years, I’ve been published in hundreds of Australian and US magazines and publications including Vogue, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Overland, Cosmopolitan, Sunday Life, Body + Soul, and many more… One of my career highlights during this time was interviewing Sir Barry Humphries for Sunday Life.

My first book, Love & Other U-Turns is a travel memoir published by Allen and Unwin and based on the year I spent writing fashion columns while living out of a car across Australia with my ex-boyfriend, a crude and crass outback comedian named Jimbo. On publication it was nominated for the Nita. B Kibble Literary Award and Cosmopolitan’s Fun, Fearless Female Award in the author category.

My second memoir, A Letter From Paris is also a biography of my late father, who died when I was very young.

Working on A Letter From Paris was one of the biggest projects of my life, but filled with so much joy and fulfilment. I’m now working on publishing my late father’s memoir, discovered hidden in a vault at the State Library Victoria. It’s all about his life in London, France and particularly Paris with a number of bohemian expats after World War Two.

When not reading, writing or hanging out with my crazy cat, I’m planning my next trip to Paris, spending time in nature or watching French films on SBS.

I love kindness, miracles, learning and dreams.

I think we’re all here to grow, and a little terror (just a little) means you’re on the right track.


We don’t see things as they are,
we see them as we are... Anais Nin