About Louisa

My career has spanned working as a freelance journalist, copywriter, ghostwriter, non-fiction editor, digital strategist and twice-published author, so storytelling and communications have been the running threads and themes in my life. I believe asking the right questions is powerful: to uncover a different story, a different strategy, the right information, a new way, the perfect answer…

I studied Professional Writing & Editing at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, but it wasn’t until I started writing for publication that I really learned to hone the craft of storytelling.

After graduation, I wrote health, business, lifestyle and psychology features for major magazines and newspapers including The Age, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and many more, sometimes writing 5-10 feature stories a month, thrilled with the creative freedom that a freelance writing business gave me.

I travelled Australia while freelancing from my laptop and wrote my first travel memoir, Love & Other U-Turns on the experience. This was published by Allen & Unwin in 2010 and nominated for two awards. But print media was on the way out, so I gave up my freelance lifestyle to retrain as a digital communications strategist. I worked for Channel 9, NOVA FM, agencies, educational institutions and big corporates, mixing copywriting, messaging and digital strategy to build brands and profiles for major businesses.

When my second book, A Letter From Paris, was published, it became a bestseller on multiple continents and I started my own digital business, missing the freedom from freelance writing but wanting a more lucrative and sustainable business model, and one which allowed me to use my unique blend of experience: 20+ years’ expertise in media and publishing, with copywriting, brand and marketing messaging, online business and digital marketing strategy.
I’m passionate about helping writers, authors, creatives and publishing professionals build sustainable and prosperous businesses using all the skills I’ve mastered over the last 20+ years.