Another critique won’t get your nonfiction book published.

Knowing how to pitch it, will.

You’ve written something incredible and you have a message you wish to share, and now you want to get it out into the world…

So you default to thinking you need a critique. Or another round of edits. Or, some more feedback on the draft…


Going down that path will cost you time, energy, focus… and it’s a complete waste of money.

To fast-track the path to publication, you need to know exactly how to pitch your book so publishers say “this is the next BIG THING. I want it!” ASAP. 😉

Which doesn’t need to wait.

Let me show you exactly how to position your book (and you!) so that it’s a heck yes from publishers.

Because you’ve got to remember that PUBLISHERS want the next breakout book, JUST as much as you want to break THROUGH in Traditional Publishing!

I don’t need to critique your draft to spot what’s uniquely sellable in the nonfiction market about your story – and you. (It’s partly your angle, and partly the author’s personal brand that will sell a nonfiction. Both need to be perfectly positioned.)

This is where you need to focus your attention in every agent and publishing interaction if you want to get a book deal.

I’ll show you exactly how to position yourself, build your platform and position your book to get the attention of agents and publishers and an offer of publication in the shortest time-frame possible.


A little of what we’ll do together…

Louisa Deasey zoom calls

In our 90 minute kick-off session we will map out a strategy with the most important milestones en route to our destination: your book deal. It’s important to me that you feel supported in the major and minor decisions that go into your publishing deal. So every two weeks, we’ll have a 1:1 coaching call on zoom to move forwards on the strategy that has been curated especially for you and your book deal.
We also communicate between these sessions and you have a clear and strategic plan for what to do, and when. I’ll be doing the work alongside you, from research into your chosen publisher to looking for unique opportunities aligned with your expertise, what’s happening in the market, and what feels perfectly aligned to you and your book. We’ll also be working on submission documents from a query to a synopsis or an essay for publication or a full proposal, depending on your personalised strategy. This is me and you, working closely together, for 3 months. I’m as invested in your success as you!

Louisa Deasey zoom calls

Nonfiction, memoirs, agents, platform, traditional publishing, submissions, selling stories to media… it’s all covered.

Imagine if you could access a step-by-step behind the scenes Academy that teaches you all you need to know about nonfiction book deals? I have that for you inside the Book Deal Accelerator, exclusively available for private clients. Need to write a pitch for an article or essay connected to your book? There’s a training for that. Setting up your author website? There’s a class on that, too. Want to see an example of a query that sold, or a book proposal, or a synopsis? I’ve got checklists, examples, templates and writing guides for every piece of content that you need to see to sell your book.
I created this programme so first-time authors could understand how publishing, book sales, media and personal brand works for nonfiction – from an author’s perspective, so you know exactly what you need to know at every stage of your journey.

Louisa Deasey zoom calls

The biggest breakthroughs, questions and insights will happen in between our fortnightly sessions and you’ll be receiving personal feedback on all of your sales and pitching documents (and much more). So we’ll have a private community, as well as your client folders with material you can drop in for feedback in between our sessions.



Apply below to get notified when places become available.
Investment is 3k / month with a 6 month minimum commitment.


  • This is for you if your book is at least 80% finished (not perfect) and you’re READY to BREAK INTO THE ELITE WORLD OF TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING.
  • This is for you if your book is a nonfiction:​ health, wellbeing, memoirs, biographies, business, creative psychology, books on communication, thought leadership, self-development, entrepreneurship, psychology… and those that blend multiple categories.
  • This is for you if you’re ready to start speaking with agents and publishers about your book and you’re coachable and committed to excellence in all your interactions
  • This is for you if you’re ready to build a personal brand (or you have one already): a website, a media platform, a digital presence that connects to the work you want to get published

  • This is NOT for you if you don’t enjoy writing. Once you sign with a publisher, you will most likely need to do further work on your manuscript, so if you have hired a ghostwriter for the draft or the book proposal, this is not for you.
  • This is not for fiction writers
  • ​This is not for self-publishing advice (traditional publishing only)
  • This is not for you if you’re a beginner writer or looking for publishing tips or information on the industry. 


  1. Fill in the short application so I can learn a little more about your book, you, and your publishing vision
  2. If your application is a success, you’ll receive an invitation to get any questions answered via email or messenger
  3. If we both decide it’s a fit, we’ll arrange our coaching schedule, onboarding details and get started within weeks.Limited spots available… please note that we don’t offer free discovery calls. Applications are essential.


If you’ve never experienced it before, publishing can seem like an enigma, the sort of industry that’s closed to all but insiders. Louisa knows traditional publishing, both as an author and from the back end where agents, editors and sales teams operate. She has a knack for coming up with new ways to ensure your manuscript gets in front of the right people.
Carrie Hutchinson, award-winning travel writer, ghostwriter, editor & author

Working with Louisa is great because she can see possibilities for you and your book that you can’t see because you’re too close to it all. The publicity plan she put together was brilliant, and when I talked to my agent about my next book the sales and marketing work I did with Louisa influenced a lot of those discussions about my third novel…
Mary Adkins, HarperCollins author

I have known Louisa for over 18 years. She’s an amazing writer and interviewer. That, teamed with her publishing know-how, makes her formidable.
Mystic Medusa, HarperCollins author

I’ll never forget you simplifying my deadline for me when I was completely overwhelmed. Thanks to your brilliant plan, I got my first book to the publishers on time! 
Karina Machado, Hachette author & Who columnist

Noun: Undergo a change in velocity. Move quicker.


Louisa Deasey is a twice-published author and book coach for nonfiction authors determined to succeed to the high standards required by traditional publishing.

After studying writing and editing academically, Louisa went on to carve out a successful career as a freelance print journalist, publishing widely in Australian and international newspapers, magazines and major outlets including The Age, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, VOGUE, Body + Soul, NineMsn, COSMOPOLITAN, and many more.

In 2010, Louisa’s first memoir LOVE & OTHER U-TURNS was published by Allen & Unwin and nominated for two awards. Louisa retrained in digital marketing and communications strategy and worked in higher education, until her second memoir, A LETTER FROM PARIS appeared. Getting the book deal for A LETTER FROM PARIS took 8 months from blog post to query to offer to contract in 2016, and in 2017 she wrote the draft. A LETTER FROM PARIS was published in 2018 in Australia and the United Kingdom, released as an audio book by Blackstone in 2019, and in the United States as paperback. In 2020, Indigo Books reprinted A LETTER FROM PARIS in Canada, and it hit the Indigo bestseller list.

Louisa is passionate about helping conscious creatives and innovative leaders reach outrageous success in the traditional publishing industry.