The Art of Memoir

with Louisa Deasey

Write, revise, polish and perfect your true story to a submission-ready standard.

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Do you have a story aching to be told?

The Art of Memoir is unlike any other memoir class, workshop or training out there. Memoir is a unique category of literature, but the process doesn’t need to be messy… Let me show you how to turn your experience into a compelling book and feel GOOD in the process!

The Art of Memoir includes…

✔️ 6 months of step-by-step video trainings with bestselling examples and comprehensive guides showing you how you can write AND revise a memoir manuscript to publication standard…

✔️ Ten video courses covering what works (and what SELLS) in the literary memoir genre, writing routines and memoir mindset for success, the Hero’s Journey stages in depth, story structure, character archetypes, plotting deep dives, and so much more…

✔️ The simple “3-C” framework to write a memoir so you can be clear and confident your draft will be complete if you simply follow the process…

✔️ 6 months of LIVE Story Coaching Calls with Louisa

✔️ Private Community so you can ask questions as you work through the programme

✔️ 1:1 Deadline Celebration call with Louisa

This memoir program lived up to its promise and more. I finished my memoir in the first week, instead of the last week. Then, somehow, I reviewed all 20 chapters and reduced 1M+ words to a mere 285K in a single ‘book’ document by the end of the course. AND I have a hook, plot points outline/table, query and synopsis. After twelve years working on my memoir, this was quite incredible!

Carolyn Barnabo

Louisa Deasey is one of the best teachers around, an absolute master in the process, craft, and publication of memoir. I return to the lessons again and again!

Alice Lundy

Hello! I’m Louisa

I’ve worked as a freelance writer, author and editor in print and online media for over 20 years.

During this time I’ve written & edited thousands of non-fiction articles, essays, columns & features and authored two books, both memoirs.
I adore the non-fiction genre and I’m obsessed with the mechanics of storytelling. I truly believe that if you’ve had an extraordinary experience, the world needs your story. Let me teach you how to share it in the most compelling and empowering way.

Turn your unique, true story into a publication-standard manuscript. The Art of Memoir guides you through the entire process…

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