Write & Revise your Memoir for publication…

with Louisa Deasey

Look behind-the-scenes at how a twice-published memoir author writes a submission-ready true story (without critiques) in months!

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Do you have a story aching to be told?

Memoir is a unique category of literature.. Let me show you how to turn your experience into a compelling book that’s ready for publication – whether it’s a literary memoir, a memoir/biography hybrid, or investigative memoir. The Art of Memoir shows you the complete process:

Taking you from page one to finished draft of a publication-standard book-length true story…

……..WITHOUT needing critiques

………WITHOUT spending years on the draft

……….And WITHOUT feeling miserable as you write!

This memoir program lived up to its promise and more. I finished my memoir in the first week, instead of the last week. Then, somehow, I reviewed all 20 chapters and reduced 1M+ words to a mere 285K in a single ‘book’ document by the end of the course. AND I have a hook, plot points outline/table, query and synopsis. After twelve years working on my memoir, this was quite incredible!

Carolyn Barnabo

Louisa Deasey is one of the best teachers around, an absolute master in the process, craft, and publication of memoir. I return to the lessons again and again!

Alice Lundy


Louisa Deasey is a twice-published memoir author and book coach for memoir authors determined to succeed in the high standards world of traditional book publishing.

After studying writing and editing academically, Louisa went on to carve out a successful career as a freelance journalist, publishing widely in Australian and international print and digital publications.

In 2010, Louisa’s first memoir LOVE & OTHER U-TURNS was published by Allen & Unwin and nominated for two awards. Louisa retrained in digital marketing and communications strategy and worked in higher education, until her second memoir, A LETTER FROM PARIS appeared. Getting the book deal for A LETTER FROM PARIS took 8 months from blog post to query to offer to contract in 2016, and in 2017 she wrote the draft. A LETTER FROM PARIS was published in 2018 in Australia and the United Kingdom, released as an audio book by Blackstone in 2019, and in the United States as paperback. In 2020, Indigo Books reprinted A LETTER FROM PARIS in Canada, and it hit the bestseller list.

Louisa is passionate about educating first-time authors about the ins and outs of book sales and publishing so they can reach success in this complex industry.

Turn your unique, true story into a publication-standard manuscript. The Art of Memoir guides you through the entire process…

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