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Write & Sell Your Memoir (new training)

Well hello there. I know I’ve been quiet for A LONG while. The reason is, I’ve been working on some big, important stuff.

The truth is, I love memoir. But I love traditional publishing more. Yes – I know it has its faults. But the most incredible highlights of my writing career have come from working with big publishers on my work. They’re professional, they invest in you, and there is NOTHING like stumbling across your personal story in a bookshop halfway across the world (hello, Shakespeare & Co in Paris!!).

I found, through all the people interested in memoir who have connected with me through this blog, that the majority were interested in self-publishing.

So I’m making a big change.

For almost 18 months now, I’ve been committed to teaching all I know about memoir through blogs, e-books, and email courses. But it was time for me to up the game. I realised – through launching Memoir Academy – that what you all need (and what I best teach) – is the full shebang. No more tips and tricks, no more short answers to long questions…. No more holding back with lifting the lid on JUST how much commitment it really does take, to get yourself a dream book deal. It’s not easy (hello 110 000 word first draft I threw away almost in entirety!), but with the right process (and someone willing to share the intricate details), it CAN be simple and clear.

Getting your memoir written and sold to a publisher is a BIG DEAL. I wanted to make it simple (one of my core values in life is simplicity!), but i realised I was doing a disservice by thinking I could share the process via one-off blogs and e-books.

So I’ve been working on a completely new, transformational program to take anyone from memoir manuscript to a sellable book (to a traditional publisher or literary agent) in the LEAST amount of time.

If this is something that interests you, then I invite you to sign up for my NEW FREE WORKSHOP. I’m super proud of it – I got over my own fear of visibility (and powerpoint – lol) to create it for you.

Because the thing is, writing and selling books isn’t the quickest project, but it is unbelievably satisfying, fulfilling, and transformational. With everything I’ve learned in the process of writing and selling TWO memoirs to traditional publishers (one on query only, the other on a cold pitch direct to publisher), I can make it simple for you.

Write & Sell Your Memoir (even if you have ZERO platform, no literary connections, and you’ve been rejected multiple times!)

I invite you to watch this really important training – it could teach you more than you’ll get in 16 writer’s workshops. To be brutally frank, it’s not actually stuff you CAN learn even you sign up for a post-graduate MFA or writing degree – you need to talk to people ACTUALLY working in the industry. And you need to do the work.

I’m committed to lifting back the veils on the elitist and often secret world of the traditional publishing industry, and memoir is and always will be my favourite genre of creative non-fiction.

Because if you don’t know HOW to approach your publishing dream – how can you succeed?

See you in the workshop!

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