Book Coaching Sessions

with Louisa Deasey

A 1:1 session can help you…
>>KNOW how to position your story so it sells to media, agents and publishers… and see HOW to make quick, powerful tweaks to your digital presence or marketing material
>>SEE how to move forward with your project, your pitch or the way you’re approaching your creative work

>>FEEL clear and confident that you’re on track to reach your next level in the elusive and exclusive world of publishing

I’m Louisa Deasey. I work with ambitious creatives determined to succeed in the traditional book publishing market.

What it REALLY takes to succeed in the traditional book publishing world is NOT another critique, another edit, another ten years on your manuscript… or a million followers on social media.
Success as a creative in any industry – but particularly the confounding world of publishing! – is about having the clarity and confidence to make the right move at the right time so that things can unfold easily for you and you can move to the next level.


  • Book your session in my scheduler below, which requires payment to secure your time. Please answer all questions in the questionnaire so that I can prepare for and maximise our time together!

  • All 1:1 sessions are 60 minutes and held on zoom. Unless requested, we both have our video on. Calls are recorded & you receive a follow-up email with next steps and a link to download the recording.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom so you can join at our scheduled time (your zoom link will come through once your booking is confirmed). Reach out to if there are any issues.

  • Come prepared to dive right in so we can maximise the session: We start with the problem, then look at what you’ve tried and what you’re considering trying, then I’ll share some suggestions and feedback, we’ll agree on your best next steps, and you can move forward with clarity!


It’s about creating a SHIFT in your vision – seeing how YOUR STORY can and will appeal to a huge audience, and you having the clarity and confidence to do WHAT you need to do, at the RIGHT time, to ALLOW things to unfold so you can maintain creative momentum.


If you’ve never experienced it before, publishing can seem like an enigma, the sort of industry that’s closed to all but insiders. Louisa knows traditional publishing, both as an author and from the back end where agents, editors and sales teams operate. She has a knack for coming up with new ways to ensure your manuscript gets in front of the right people.
Carrie Hutchinson, award-winning travel writer, ghostwriter & editor

Louisa can see possibilities for you that you can’t see because you’re too close to it all. She incorporates book publicity and author know-how with online marketing which is a really unique combination. The whole plan was so brilliant. Louisa came up with a GENIUS marketing strategy to promote my upcoming book launch and online business both at the same time.
Mary Adkins, HarperCollins author

I have known Louisa for 18 years. She is an amazing writer and interviewer, uncannily perceptive with a gift for nuanced observation. That, blended with her media and publishing industry savviness, makes her formidable.
Mystic Medusa, author & online entrepreneur

Louisa was a fabulous editorial support, and she’s direct and coherent in the advice she offers which has been honed by her years of experience….
Eleanor Jackson, poet, author, board chair of Peril magazine & the Stella prize for women writers



I engaged Louisa on a very complicated and technical book project. She not only delivered on the promised turnaround, she identified and noted a few issues that were beyond the scope of what I engaged her for. Issues that, once corrected, significantly improved the quality of the book. I’ve since engaged her for three further book projects. Thank you Louisa!
Kelly Exeter, CEO of Swish Publishing

Louisa is not only a great writer, she really understands all the other aspects of business (the big important things as well as the subtle nuances a lot of people miss!) and incorporates that into her work too. 
Nina Christian, CEO of award-winning marketing company Braveda

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your expert guidance at the very start of my journey. Thank you so much Louisa
Anita East, cosmetician & bestselling author of Beautiful Unique Faces

Thanks to your word wizardry and press material, I’ve just been invited to give a TedX talk! Love your work, Louisa.
Annalise Jennings, award-winning thought leader & CEO of Dynamic Exchange

I’ll never forget you simplifying my deadline for me when I was completely overwhelmed. Thanks to your brilliant plan, I got my first book to the publishers on time! 
Karina Machado, Hachette author & Who columnist

I really want to say thank you again for your fabulous guidance, reflecting on the year, doing your program was a major highlight… I’d highly recommend anyone to do your Memoir program, there is loads and loads of valuable content, from practical tools to broad stroke thinking…my relationship with my writing has transformed as a result, and I’ve been chipping away for 7 years!
Lani Theresa Rose, Writer

In the year she spent working for us, Louisa increased followings on our social media channels by 500%, and wrote such engaging marketing emails to promote our events that of the 50+ events we held that year, almost all were booked to capacity! Louisa also gained TV and print media coverage for our academics and experts in the Faculty and coached them expertly before each appearance. Louisa is an incredibly fast writer and quick to absorb the ‘story’ in an event, often scripting speeches for academics at the last minute and live-tweeting from events on obscure topics to increase engagement.
Philippa Knack, Events Manager, Melbourne School of Design


Louisa Deasey is the real deal. She’ll save you time and offer solid lessons and inspiration in the memoir journey. The mindset techniques in her programs are fantastic, and I return to the lessons again and again. Writers would do well to chance upon your program sooner than later! I will never write a book again the way I did before, I’ll follow Louisa’s steps from the start…
Alice Lundy, writer

Louisa is one of those rare writers who is always researching and searching for a better way to do things – her passion for creating online offers that convert is second to none! Louisa reviewed different assets for my online course business and her great eye for detail meant that she not only spotted gaps and inconsistencies, but also made lots of valuable suggestions for improvement.
Lindy Alexander, The Freelancer’s Year

I’m happy to report that I’ve completed my first draft!!! I’ve completed the 12 phases of the Hero’s Journey and the 30 day journaling which I LOVED!
Using the Hero Journey’s framework has been eye-opening and revealing. Thank you!!

Susana Frioni, speaker, writer & coach

Thank you for your encouragement, expertise and for pouring kerosene on my tiny aims. I finished my memoir in the first week, instead of the last week. Then, somehow, I reviewed all 20 chapters and reduced 1M+ words to a mere 285K. AND I have a hook, plot points outline/table, query and synopsis. I told my son how you changed my paradigm on what was possible and I will never forget it. Merci, Louisa!
Carolyn Barnabo, Writer

Thank you for your expertise. With other programs I’ve been a little left behind because I didn’t know the basics. I didn’t need to worry because you cover everything!
Kate Morell, Writer

Your course is such a gift. I’m learning so much about writing, story structure and most importantly about myself. I love the exploration of my story and am walking into further healing as I write. I have been inspired, stretched and challenged by your course. You truly are with us every step of the way – you’ve done an amazing job of making things clear for a newbie such as myself, I am being transformed from your hard work.
Kem Stickl, Writer

If i hadn’t rejigged a few of the chapters and thus, my chapter summaries, I don’t think the narrative would feel as cohesive as it feels now. And that’s all due to 90 Day Memoir! I’ve just received an email to say that my essay won the non-fiction category and will be published… thank you SO much for your feedback which helped me refine it.
Tash Agafonoff, Writer


Louisa Deasey is an author, educator, publishing consultant, editor and teacher with over twenty years’ experience in print & digital media, PR, education, marketing and traditional book publishing.

Louisa has written and published two books – Love & Other U-Turns (Allen & Unwin, 2010) and A Letter From Paris (Scribe, 2018, reprinted in 2019 & 2020) and has been teaching and coaching nonfiction writers through the digital education arm of her business since 2018, having developed methodologies to simplify the writing, pitching and revision process particular to memoir.

Louisa worked as a freelance journalist in the health, psychology, beauty and lifestyle field for major media, publishing widely in print and online outlets from 2005 – 2016. Louisa has since written, edited and consulted on dozens of successful nonfiction book proposals and manuscripts for commercial publishers including Hachette, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Sounds True, Murdoch Books, Allen & Unwin and more.

Louisa has a particular interest & expertise in topics related to health, psychology, personal development and literary memoir.

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.”

Robert Henri, American artist and teacher