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You’ve written a non-fiction manuscript (memoir, self-help, how-to, business) – BUT you’re…

❌ Getting rejected for ‘lack of platform’

❌ Told ‘books on XXX aren’t selling right now’

❌ Thinking you’ve missed the boat on your topic or angle because you’ve been pitching for so long

❌ Told that you need a million followers to get an agent

❌ Workshopping and critiquing and editing your work so much that you’re starting to hate it

❌ Perhaps you HAVE an agent but they ghost you for months on end

❌ Losing faith that you will ever crack the traditional publishing industry

I’m here to tell you: You do NOT need a million (or even a thousand) followers.
You need to see behind-the-scenes in traditional publishing, so you can

✅ Get your work in front of the people who matter

✅ Successfully pitch articles and essays that will build your platform

✅ Grow a literary community of supportive peers

✅ Get requests for full manuscript from top agents and publishers without even pitching!

✅ Earn money as you polish and perfect your proposal

✅ Build your confidence so you get a GREAT book deal, not just one that’s OK


Hi, I’m Louisa

I’ve been writing, editing, teaching and working in print and digital publishing for over 20 years.

What you may not know, is that a little over 4 years ago when what became my second book landed in my lap…I was determined to ink a book deal before I wrote the manuscript. I developed a system and a strategy and it empowered me to get the best deal possible for my book and I can show you how to do it too.

There’s nothing as fulfilling as seeing your life’s work and legacy out there in the world with the best chance of success.  The traditional publishing industry is mysterious unless you’ve BEEN published, and I’m determined to peel back the curtains & empower you for success.

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