Authors- let’s talk book launch publicity! This is such an important (and oft-forgotten) piece of your pre-launch plan for launching your first nonfiction book. If you want to sell lots of copies of your book and have the best chance of hitting any kind of bestseller list when you’re published, what you do in terms of digital marketing and building hype in the six months before publication date matters. A lot!
Your book launch marketing and publicity is an important thing to consider in the 6 months prior to your book’s publication.
Six months prior to your launch you should be thinking about how you’ll start ‘teasing’ elements of your book on your website and social media channels, making a time to meet with your publicist (online or in person) and sharing some of your ideas and personal connections, and more.

Watch my latest short video on You-Tube right here to learn what you should be working on in the six months prior to publication for your nonfiction book. As a first-time author, you want to sell books not just on publication date, not just the month your book comes out – but for a long time after! And so much of your book’s success rests on what you do in the six months prior to publication.

Do NOT leave the publicity and marketing of your book to your publisher, as this will directly impact your book sales. Also don’t leave your book publicity and digital marketing til the week your book is out, and don’t expect your publisher to find you cover endorsements, someone to launch your book etc (it’s not their job! They’re busy making your book beautiful & running their side of the business which involves publicity, but not your author marketing on your own channels).
Whether you’re self published or traditionally published, starting your marketing activities months ahead of tour launch will serve you well. Start by optimising your website! Have fun with it, it’s SO fun once you’ve written the book, to strategise ways to get others involved in the promotion.
But it MUST happen prior to publication date. That’s your unique window of opportunity which will directly impact your book sales on launch week & beyond. Your website and your social media presence is super important for this piece of your launch marketing strategy.
Download your book launch marketing checklist to learn more by clicking on the image below.
book launch timeline marketing checklist