In 2010, when print media was hanging by a thread, I was devastated to lose the freelance writing work I’d built up over years. So I decided to re-train as a digital communications specialist (many journalists left writing altogether). I worked for Universities, Corporates and major Media organisations getting their experts and their products and brands ‘seen’ online. I learnt SEO, I wrote hundreds of ‘viral’ posts and articles for a major radio station, I created online websites, I wrote thousands of pages of web content, I built instagram and Facebook followings and live-tweeted from events to learn every aspect of online ‘engagement’. Companies paid me big bucks for this work, but it didn’t occur to me that what I was learning would help me form a strategy when I wanted to sell my next book.

When A Letter From Paris came into my world I had nothing but a (very) basic website, maybe a few hundred followers on social media (if that). I was determined to use this ‘new’ form of positioning myself to a Publisher and I followed a strategy I would have crafted for any of the companies I’d been working for. After writing a 1000 word blog post (which reached a Top 5 Publisher who made me an offer) I didn’t even have to write a book proposal to get an agent.

Since then, I’ve started an online business and all of my paid work comes from my digital platform.

Despite what you may think, getting a book deal from a blog post is not uncommon! 

The digital world is a 24/7 marketplace and when you show up effectively, the right people come to you – asking for your work, wanting your expertise, offering you a deal for your book or even commissioning unpitched articles and other services!

The problem is, many creatives don’t understand the order in which to set things up, or they get overwhelmed by the ‘idea’ of what platform means. But if you can follow a simple and effective strategy, you can advance your publishing career at lightning speed.


A simple process to get visible with digital marketing assets – build a web presence that sells your work naturally!

Create your Writer Platform shows you the simple steps you need to take to set up an effective online presence to sell more of your work.

In Create Your Writer Platform I teach you the strategy behind each of these important digital ‘assets’, and how to set each one up effectively:
1: Your writer website
2: Your social media presence
3: A blog
4: An email newsletter
5: I also give you some basic training on Search Engine Optimisation (AKA how to get seen on google!)

If all of this is overwhelming to you, I understand. The strategies I teach can be implemented in a day or a week so you can start building your confidence and making sales ASAP.


  • ‘Platform’ means millions of followers on social media

  • Platform is going to take a lot of time, money and / or tech know-how

  • Their website or social channels are set up just fine, thank you (when actually, they’re not)

  • Having a big platform means spending all of your time online. But while it may take a few weeks to get things organised, once you set these ‘assets’ up correctly, it means you reach more people in far less time!


But it doesn’t need to be complicated!
The first place ANYONE looks for information on or about anyone or anything these days is online. If you have no digital platform, you won’t get any paid work with new editors or publishers or agents, and readers won’t be able to find you. It’s as simple as that!
Let’s get you set up online in the BEST way to market and promote your work.

CREATE YOUR WRITER PLATFORM shows you how to set up your:
>Social media profiles as a writer or author
>Search Engine Optimisation so you get traffic to your blog, website or newsletter
>Your Website (exactly what it needs to show and say, how to set it up quickly)
>Writing effective blog posts that position you as an authority in your field
And a LOT more – with case studies and time-saving tips so you can get this sorted ASAP to start selling your work tomorrow!


🌟 The quick fix (which costs zero dollars) to look professional on google while you’re getting your website set up

🌟 The basics of Google so that whether you’re selling a writing service, a manuscript, a digital product, coaching or anything else –  you’re reaching people who want to buy what you offer!

🌟 How to save thousands on advertising (and lop years off your publishing timeline) by learning effective online engagement strategies to build an online audience that don’t cost a cent

🌟 How to position yourself professionally as a writer online, EVEN if you’ve never been published!

🌟 Why blogging is ‘still a thing’ in 2022 and how to set up an SEO-optimised blog step-by-step (templates and checklists from my own process included!)

Whether you’re writing a memoir or any other type of nonfiction, having an effective online writer’s platform is absolutely essential if you want to get published.

AND – everything you learn in Create Your Writer Platform will help you to sell more copies of your book when it IS published! Why? Because a great platform amplifies your reach to a bigger audience of people who WANT your specific niche!

If you’re done ‘shouting into the void’ with your blogs, your website or your social media channels or only having engagement from family and friends, then this is for you.


Louisa can see possibilities for you that you can’t see because you’re too close to it all. She incorporates book publicity and author know-how with online marketing which is a really unique combination. The whole plan was so brilliant. Louisa came up with a GENIUS marketing strategy to promote my upcoming book launch and online business both at the same time.
Mary Adkins, HarperCollins author

Louisa knows what is shifting and changing in the digital world RIGHT now, she’s thorough, and doesn’t miss a detail. So, if I ask her what she thinks of an offer I know she’ll be considering every aspect of it – the messaging, the context, the strategy – within a global business context. We’ve been masterminding for over a year now, and in that time I’ve grown my business beyond 7 figures.
Hilary Silver, women’s empowerment coach

What’s unique about Louisa is that she always has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest and most effective online business and marketing strategies. She’s an incredible listener and really took the time to understand me and my business – she has this ability to zoom out and see the gaps in my business and fill them in. This year I’ve restructured my business model and Louisa has helped me to shift focus; I’m now generating more income than before with less amount of work. She’s been a huge support in my business and I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone navigating the online business space.
Martha May Ronson, Online business coach for Artists

I have known Louisa for 18 years. She is an amazing writer and interviewer, uncannily perceptive with a gift for nuanced observation. That, blended with her media and publishing industry savviness, makes her formidable.
Mystic Medusa, author & online entrepreneur

If you’ve never experienced it before, publishing can seem like an enigma, the sort of industry that’s closed to all but insiders. Louisa knows traditional publishing, both as an author and from the back end where agents, editors and sales teams operate. She has a knack for coming up with new ways to ensure your manuscript gets in front of the right people.
Carrie Hutchinson, award-winning travel writer, ghostwriter & editor

Louisa was a fabulous editorial support, and she’s direct and coherent in the advice she offers which has been honed by her years of experience….
Eleanor Jackson, poet, author, board chair of Peril magazine & the Stella prize for women writers


Louisa Deasey zoom calls

I’ve worked for 7 and 8 figure online businesses and I’ve sold multiple books, stories, products and services online with this strategy. AND, because I currently run an online business and still write nonfiction, you can be sure the best practise steps I teach you are up-to-date in a rapidly-evolving digital landscape.

Louisa Deasey zoom calls

Value: $1000

Included are over 5 hours of masterclasses, strategically created to simplify the process of creating your platform. Because these are pre-recorded, you can log in and learn any time you please!

Louisa Deasey zoom calls


In this Q+A call you can watch and learn as i review writer’s websites and social media assets, answering common questions and sharing quick fixes. As a digital strategist who’s supported bestselling authors and multi-million dollar businesses on their marketing, you’ll learn a lot from this call.

Louisa Deasey zoom calls


It can be so hard to write about ourselves (!), which is why I’ve included my best templates for writing your author bio, templates to write blog posts, website checklists and more.

Louisa Deasey zoom calls


Share your wins and get support as you implement the trainings. This is an online course so you can log in any time you please – you also receive lifetime access.

  • 5+ hours of pre-recorded masterclasses so you can watch & learn whenever you desire

  • Downloads, Checklists & Templates to save you time

  • Q+A Call Replay

  • Private, Student-only Online Member Site

  • Lifetime access to the program (& any updates I make to the material!)

Your investment: $495



  • An essay, article or paid blog post = $500 – $2000
    Just ONE of the tweaks I teach you could see you successfully selling an article or essay!

  • A nonfiction book advance = $5000 to $300 000
    To sell your nonfiction book to a traditional publisher, you NEED a platform. Book advances vary from 4 to 6 figures and the price goes up depending on particulars of your platform. Learn what publishers look for in ‘platform’ (it’s not millions of followers, I promise!) to and position yourself for success.

  • Network and Connections = Priceless
    Every good thing that’s happened in my career in the last 10 years has come from relationships I built online. There’s nothing like finding your like-minded people, and this is what happens naturally when you create a writer platform in line with YOUR authentic personality and expertise!

  • Brand and affiliate partnerships = $1-300K
    Brands, personalities and commercial entities pay big bucks to affiliates and sponsors. While I don’t teach you these advanced online business strategies in Create Your Writer Platform, if you’re a member of any kind of partnership program, you’ll make more sales from more traffic to your website.


I engaged Louisa on a very complicated and technical book project. She not only delivered on the promised turnaround, she identified and noted a few issues that were beyond the scope of what I engaged her for. Issues that, once corrected, significantly improved the quality of the book. I’ve since engaged her for four further book projects. Thank you Louisa!
Kelly Exeter, CEO of Swish Publishing

Louisa is not only a great writer, she really understands all the other aspects of online business (the big important things as well as the subtle nuances a lot of people miss!) and incorporates that into her work too. So you get way more than “just good copy!”
Nina Christian, CEO of award-winning marketing company Braveda

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your expert guidance at the very start of my journey. Thank you so much Louisa
Anita East, cosmetician & bestselling author of Beautiful Unique Faces

Thanks to your word wizardry and press material, I’ve just been invited to give a TedX talk! Love your work, Louisa.
Annalise Jennings, award-winning thought leader & CEO of Dynamic Exchange

In the year she spent working for us, Louisa increased followings on our social media channels by 500%, and wrote such engaging marketing emails to promote our events that of the 50+ events we held that year, almost all were booked to capacity! Louisa also gained TV and print media coverage for our academics and experts in the Faculty and coached them expertly before each appearance. Louisa is an incredibly fast writer and quick to absorb the ‘story’ in an event, often scripting speeches for academics at the last minute and live-tweeting from events on obscure topics to increase engagement.
Philippa Knack, Events Manager, Melbourne School of Design


One Payment

  • 5+ Hours of pre-recorded trainings

  • Learn about setting up your website, blog, social media channels, and an email newsletter list

  • Bonus checklists and templates
    Save time blogging and setting up your website with these cheatsheets!

  • Join our private member portal

  • Receive lifetime access to this digital course (& all future upgrades to the program!)

2 Payments

  • 5+ Hours of pre-recorded trainings

  • Learn about setting up your website, blog, social media channels, and an email newsletter list

  • Bonus checklists and templates
    Save time blogging and setting up your website with these cheatsheets!

  • Join our private member portal

  • Receive lifetime access to this digital course (& all future upgrades to the program!)


  • You write nonfiction and you want to get a book deal or sell more articles and essays

  • You’re willing to get visible online and use your real name

  • You’re ambitious and desire new levels of success in your creative career

  • You’re an implementer and ready to take action (no strategy works if you don’t implement!)

  • This is for every nonfiction writer who wants to reach a wider audience and sell their work. You may or may not already have a website, or a social media presence, or a blog, or an email list – I’ll teach you how to assess what’s working and how to fix it if it’s not!


  • You want to remain anonymous, use a fake name or keep hiding

  • You’re not writing for publication

  • You’re trying to sell a fiction novel (these strategies are specifically for nonfiction writers. Fiction is a very different strategy).

  • You’re looking for a course on instagram reels or Facebook ads or some other trend of the social media algorithm. What I focus on is a foundational strategy that ANYONE can use to get visible online, you can add the bells and whistles later.

  • You absolutely loathe the internet, only write by hand &/or don’t believe in the value of a digital presence


When does Create Your Writer Platform start and finish?

This is a digital program and everything has been pre-recorded and uploaded to the online learning platform so you can start as soon as you like!  You have lifetime access to this digital program.

Do you offer refunds?
No. This is a digital product (you get access to all the copyrighted digital material straight away), so there are no refunds.

If you’re not visible online, you’re missing SO many opportunities for connection. Even without being ‘published’ you can position yourself beautifully and professionally as a writer who receives wonderful offers and invitations from people who love what you share, and this can do SO much to boost your confidence as you navigate the world of book deals and pitching to publications.
There are people who want and need what you have to offer, and there are simple ways to reach them! Just wait until you see how effective an online presence can be!

Louisa Deasey is the real deal. She’ll save you time and offer solid lessons and inspiration in the memoir journey. The mindset techniques in her programs are fantastic, and I return to the lessons again and again. Writers would do well to chance upon your program sooner than later! I will never write a book again the way I did before, I’ll follow Louisa’s steps from the start…
Alice Lundy, writer

Louisa is one of those rare writers who is always researching and searching for a better way to do things – her passion for creating online offers that convert is second to none! Louisa reviewed different assets for my online course business and her great eye for detail meant that she not only spotted gaps and inconsistencies, but also made lots of valuable suggestions for improvement.
Lindy Alexander, The Freelancer’s Year

Thank you for your expertise. With other programs I’ve been a little left behind because I didn’t know the basics. I didn’t need to worry because you cover everything!
Kate Morell, Writer

I recommend Louisa Deasey as an asset to any team or organisation. I hired her as a copywriter for a large digital redevelopment project and she was professional, thorough,  and so efficient… Louisa produced an enormous amount of quality work in a short time-frame which meant we could deliver to a deadline many in the organisation though impossible.
Lee Jones, CEO, Heartburst

Louisa’s strategic advice helped me grow my instagram by 200% and get the message out about my packages to new clients. She’s an asset to anyone trying to grow their business online.
Carmen Paff, coach & healer


Louisa Deasey studied Professional Writing & Editing at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology followed by a Copywriting intensive at the University of Melbourne. Soon after graduation, Louisa started writing health, business and psychology features for major magazines and newspapers including The Age, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and many more, becoming one of the most successful lifestyle journalists in Australia. Her first book was published by Allen & Unwin and nominated for two awards, and her second book, published by Scribe, has been a bestseller on multiple continents and released as an audio production from Blackstone.
In 20+ years in major print and online media, Louisa’s work has spanned media consulting, digital marketing & strategy for 7-figure businesses, brands and major media organisations.  Louisa combines media, publishing and journalism expertise with a passion for self-development and the digital world.

If you have a question about this course, reach out to



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