Many writers think it’s necessary to hire an editor in order to get their book published. Or to pay for a critique, or to pay someone to edit their draft…

Nobody is really talking about this, but you don’t need to hire an editor to get your book traditionally published.

You also don’t need to get a beta read, or a critique, or to wait another year until your draft is perfect (which it will never, ever be).

In fact, it would be better if you started the pitching process sooner rather than later, so you can learn what is selling in the market category right now – and swoop on opportunities. Because publishing trends shift and change FAST.

But back to why I believe paying an editor is a waste of time.

​When I showed a recent client how to shift a few things in his query to sell his book, he knew exactly what he needed to change in his manuscript, too.

Unfortunately, he’d already paid an editor to edit his draft.​

The money he’d spent on an editor was now wasted, because during our session, he could see what to cut and keep from the draft, what to focus on, expand on, draw out from the story… in order to get a traditional book deal.

​This is why when we work together on accelerating your book deal, the VERY first thing I look at is your query letter.

👉 Because the query shows me exactly what you’re not seeing about what sells in the market your book sits within.

(This is also why I don’t need to read your full manuscript.)

The reason an editor or another critique won’t get you a book deal is because it’s a bit like investing in product development, without first checking consumer behaviour around that particular product, or what’s selling in the market.

Your book AND the publishing category it sits within need to be considered at the same time to successfully sell it.
And with nonfiction (memoir, biography, business, health, etc).

This is how I sold my two books so quickly.

Getting a book deal is much easier if you are crystal clear on what makes your story sellable in that category of the market.

And how to show that in every element of your pitch to an agent or publisher.

There are agents and publishers looking for the next big hit right now, signing authors hourly, daily, across the world.​

And the quicker you learn what sells in your nonfiction book category (and how to pitch it), the quicker your dreams of a beautiful book deal can come true.

My ACCELERATE publishing mentorship is where we make this happen.​

By learning how to pitch your book in a way that gets requests and responses, your confidence will go through the roof, and you’ll be every agent and editor’s dream.

An author they immediately want to sign because it’s clear you have what it takes to write – and promote – the type of book they love to publish.​

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