Whether you’ve created a book, an online course, or a website – getting your work professionally edited is a must.
The problem is, most people don’t know what editing means. It’s not just spelling and grammar – a good editor can completely transform your work. As an experienced author, copywriter and editor of books, magazines and entire websites and online teaching collateral, my experience is uniquely broad.
Send me an email or book a chat if you’d like to discuss your project.


Once package has been purchased, you’ll receive an email link to drop your file into Dropbox and proposed time-frame for delivery.
I work with track changes on Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat for PDF copy.

Minimum engagement: Ten hours = $600 USD

As a rough estimate, I work at a pace of 5-10 pages (250 words per page) per hour, depending on the shape of the copy.

So, ten hours would cover a proofread / copyedit of 50-100 pages.
Once I’ve seen the copy, I can give you a more specific estimate for completion. 

I engaged Louisa for a quick turnaround proofread on a very complicated and technical book project. She not only delivered on the promised turnaround, she identified and noted a few issues that were beyond the scope of what I engaged her for. Issues that, once corrected, significantly improved the quality of the book. Thank you Louisa!
Kelly Exeter, Swish Publishing

The process of working with Louisa has been fantastic. She’s clear, reliable and has given me valuable feedback on my manuscript submission.
Justine Sless, Award-winning short story writer & stand-up Comedian

Louisa was a fabulous editorial support. Direct and coherent in the advice she offers which has been honed by her years of experience.
Eleanor Jacksonaward-winning poet, essayist and editor-in-chief of Peril.

Louisa has consistently delivered high-quality, well-written copy and always to deadline. Her enthusiastic yet professional manner has made her a pleasure to work with.
Sharon Green, content manager, Assemblo

I’ve just sent off my first manuscript submission. I highly recommend working with Louisa particularly for newbies to the publishing game like me!
Beck Thompson

Whether your manuscript, essay or submission needs a quick proofread for typos or a complete copyedit, good editing as a bit like cleaning house and clutter-busting. You clean up mistakes, repetition and ‘clutter’ to bring the good stuff to the forefront.

Whatever written material you need edited or proofed, you can be confident I’ll send it back clean, crisp and ready for publication.