Are you a creative writer working on your first book deal? Are you starting to think it’s all about luck and not something you can actually predict or work towards in any structured or planned way?
I can relate.
When I got my first book deal, it was the first (and only) time I’d ever dealt with agents, publishers, or even written a book synopsis. I mastered the deal through effort and error, trial and trouble, and it took a lot longer than it really needed to. And when i DID get my first publishing deal, I couldn’t be sure which of the multiple aspects I’d had to master to secure that book deal, had really made the difference. It wasn’t until I tried to get another book deal AFTER my first, that I really started to learn the process…


There’s a fantastic quote by Stanford Business Professor Robert Burgelman

It’s far better to have understood why you failed than to be ignorant of why you succeeded.

I really started to grasp what this meant in the years AFTER my first (successful) book deal, as i wrote various nonfiction pitches and even an entire fiction manuscript which I proposed to the same publisher of my memoir…
Because with every rejection, because I had relationships with these editors and publishers and agents…I learned a little more about the specific nuances of what works in what category, and what certain publishers, agents, editors and the reading public is looking for – not only in the manuscript, but the book proposal, the book query, and the author. This all affects everything from how you position yourself to how you position the book, in a query, in the manuscript, in the proposal, and when you discuss the book with a potential agent.

These ‘failed’ efforts taught me SO much about what goes into a book deal for a nonfiction, specifically a memoir, far more, in fact, than the ‘success’ I’d had pitching and selling my first memoir manuscript within days to the Publisher I submitted to.



Understanding the publication process from a wholistic sense

The reason these ‘failures’ helped me to become a better author is because I was able to start charting a SYSTEM for the entire start-to-finish process of writing, and selling, a book.

Systems change everything for creatives trying to master the complex and seemingly-unpredictable world of publishing.

Let me explain 👇


A system is the opposite to a linear path from A-B which is only one piece if the whole publishing puzzle.

If you’ve every mastered a musical instrument, you know it’s not about one ‘playing one piece’, it’s about learning all the different elements of music and how they intersect and interconnect…. So that you can play that piece.

This is why there are systems to learn to play music. To master an instrument. To become a concert pianist.

You learn scales, form, function… how to hold yourself at the instrument, how to breathe, how to read the music, micro and macro elements that make up the whole.

Likewise, having the SYSTEM to achieve your publishing goal is the ONLY way to approach a non-linear journey like writing and selling a book to a traditional publisher or literary agent.

But you can’t map out a system until you have enough data and experience.

😔 Which is why first-time authors are at a disadvantage.


I couldn’t have created a system I can confidently say a first-time memoir author can follow to sell a book to an agent or publisher when I’d only written and sold my first book.

I needed to experience nuance around the publishing process (both before and AFTER the book deal) to be truly certain what actions influenced what outcome… in each step of the process (not just A-B, but B-C, D-F, and where and how each falls down). Because it’s not about ‘just’ writing the manuscript, or the query, or the proposal, or finding an agent… it’s how EACH of those processes contributes to your overall success, and ensuring you’re sequencing each in the right order.

✍️ This is where writing, pitching, promoting and editing thousands of articles, essays and manuscripts for major media and hundreds of book publishers has helped me develop a SYSTEM. It’s the system I followed to take my second book from pitch to deal in 8 months, and it’s based on 20+years of experience (and data!).

👉 I’ve worked with hundreds of Editors, Literary Agents, Authors, Booksellers and Publishers from Big 5, to Boutique, Indie, Hybrid, Digital-first… in countries including Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada, France and the United States.
Little things like the REGION in which you’re pitching an agent or a Publisher, make a huge difference. This affects the way you position yourself, and the story… and you need to tweak major and minor aspects for this regional aspect alone.

Had I only seen one deal or one example of a successful book proposal, in one country, or with one particular ‘type’ of publisher, I would not have been able to form a replicable system.

Practise, experience and data is how you develop a system for any goal – but this is the long way, and what I did.

But you can benefit from my 20+ years of work if you want to fast-track a GOOD nonfiction book deal and follow a proven system to get there.


✍️ I created The Book Deal Accelerator so that writers would have this system BEFORE going into their first book deal with a traditional publisher or signing with a literary agent.


👉 The Book Deal Accelerator is a step-by-step system for writers who deeply desire the legacy and esteem of a traditionally-published book, but feel totally confused by the mixed messages and conflicting advice typically given to authors submitting to agents and publishers and signing their first deal.


It’s not just a system to land a book deal, it will teach you how to sell stories to major media, how to build your platform, and how to develop long-term relationships with agents and editors and other writers in this industry because THAT is how you create long-lasting success that affects your book’s sales when it DOES get published.

You get both a business framework AND a process for the inner work required to become a bestselling and widely-published author (which is JUST AS important as the technical tactics, particularly for memoir).

👇 Below is a breakdown of the process I teach as a replicable SYSTEM inside The Book Deal Accelerator for writers looking to succeed in the exclusive (and often confusing) world of traditional book publishing:

1: Find Your Captive Audience
2: How to Pitch a Story
3: How to Follow Up (knowing this piece is what landed me $40 000 of commissions for one print media outlet… and my two book deals!)
4: Building a Literary Community 
5: Amplify your published work (this is how writers turn a tweet or a blog post into a book deal)
6: Write Your Book Proposal
 (memoir and other nonfiction proposals differ – are you clear on how?)
7: Agents, Editors & Publishers – what they do, what they want, what to ask, and how the 💰 side of traditional publishing actually works (I wish I’d had this info when I signed my first book deal!)
8: Reframing Rejection & Building Resilience
9: From Messy Middle to Clean Finish
[the framework to conquer self-sabotage in the most IMPORTANT stage of your journey to publication]

None of these steps will work if you don’t do all of them. That’s the way a system works.
And – Publishing is an ever-evolving industry, and I’m always monitoring global patterns and shifts, so some of these processes get updated depending on what I see.

The Book Deal Accelerator will save you years of trying and thousands of dollars trying to get info on ONE piece of the system (such as writing a book proposal, or learning how to query an agent).

Importantly, The Book Deal Accelerator teaches you how you can make MORE 💰 for the same creative work – by doing LESS, but doing it with strategy and structure!

😊 No more pitching 15 stories a month or a year… ONE article, strategically-timed, in an obscure blog, could be all you need to create a wonderful book deal, IF you follow the whole system in the right sequence!

Proven and effective systems are the only way to achieve your goals, and if your goal is to sell a book to an agent or editor that will result in MORE sales and publishing deals for years to come…. Then you will LOVE learning the system I teach inside The Book Deal Accelerator.

💻 The Book Deal Accelerator could make 2024 a landmark year in your publishing journey. Learn more about the programme here.




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