• Your core messages reaching hearts and souls across time…?
  • Your beautiful book packaged up into sizzling proposal that converts readers into buyers (and raving fans)…?
  • Impacting people across the globe who connect with your story…

 Even better – what if you could have your story out there in months, rather than years?

Writing a non-fiction book proposal (and book!) takes time, publishing know-how and expertise.
Not to mention the sheer torture of chaining yourself to your laptop and locking yourself in your room for hours on end to craft thousands of words into a page-turner.

With over twenty years’ experience in publishing (as author, editor and journalist)  I offer professional services for clients who want a book proposal that can be used to sell your non-fiction book to a traditional publisher, OR I can write the complete book for you.

PRICING: A non-fiction book proposal will cost between 5-10K. The price will vary depending on how much draft material you already have.

A non-fiction book will cost between 30-70K, again depending on book type and length.



Author Bio 

Competitive Title Analysis

Marketing Plan

Target Audience

Chapter Summaries

A light edit of the sample chapters

For a precise quote and confidential discussion of your project, please book a consult at storyqueenchat dot com.

Non-fiction topics expertise:

I have known Louisa for 14 years. She is an amazing writer and interviewer, uncannily perceptive with a gift for nuanced observation. That blended with her media and publishing industry savviness, makes her formidable. To top it all off, she is extraordinarily nice. Louisa helped with research for a book on Pluto – not the easiest topic – with the brief to find people who had gone through notable life transformations and the exact date of the metamorphosis. Her research, subjects and little character bios of these people was flawless.
Mystic Medusa

Louisa’s speech-writing work at Melbourne School of Design was excellent for high-profile events covered by media. Thanks Louisa!

Sara Brocklesby, University of Melbourne
I engaged Louisa on a very complicated and technical book project. She not only delivered on the promised turnaround, she identified and noted a few issues that were beyond the scope of what I engaged her for. Issues that, once corrected, significantly improved the quality of the book. I’ve since hired her for further work.
Kelly Exeter, Swish Publishing
The process of working with Louisa has been fantastic. She’s clear, reliable and has given me valuable feedback on my manuscript submission.
Justine Sless

Thanks so much for my book proposal, it’s wonderful…. feeling excited and confident about my 2020 dreams of a publishing deal.