The sooner you can drop the idea of follower numbers = a book deal, the quicker you can sell your book.

Because getting a publishing deal is not about having a certain number of followers on social media.

And if you think it is, you’re misunderstanding author platform, which is crucial to nonfiction book deals.​

Author Platform is a marketing term that simply refers to the ways you’re visible to the market category of your book.

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Making this connection between YOU and your AUDIENCE clear in your query to an agent or publisher, is how you sell your book.

… it includes showing evidence of relationships you have in the area in which you’re writing.

… it includes presenting your career and your reputation in a way that makes it specific, and obvious, that you’re an expert, and a professional, the logical choice – for readers of this topic, who are compelled by the hook and the angles in which you’re exploring it. ​

That’s it.

That’s how you sell your book in the traditional publishing market.​

But you can’t skip ‘platform’ and assume a well-written manuscript is enough to get you a book deal.​

Because with nonfiction books (and that includes literary memoirs), an author’s personal brand directly affects book sales.

What is personal brand?

Personal brand includes things like…

1: Having a simple website that shows who you are and that you’re a professional writer.[Not a locked profile on social media or a blog about something completely unrelated to your book.]

2: Having an essay or article published (just one), or a column or a paper or a podcast or some media attention… again, this only works when it’s directly related to your book.

And please, don’t do what so many ambitious writers do and that’s to write MANY articles and essays around the topics and themes of your book.

There’s a phrase used in publishing: ‘don’t take the pith’, and it means don’t tell the full story so there’s nothing left for anyone to read (or buy) in a book.

Does this make sense?

You don’t need to be on all the social media platforms, or spending all your time pitching essays and articles.

In many cases, it only takes one.

The first thing I look at when we work together is your pitch.

Because the secret sauce to your platform is usually buried in there.

And that’s what agents and publishers want to see: how YOUR life, YOUR career highs, YOUR connections… connect to the most compelling parts of your book.

Getting an agent or publisher to say YES! WE WANT THIS! Is about eliminating all the stuff that doesn’t matter and focusing on what does.

I can spot exactly what you need to emphasise (and what to drop) in your pitch – and your story – when we work together 1:1.

I’ll show you what I’ve learnt in my 20 year + career working with agents, media, publishers, publicists and editors so you can accelerate your publishing deal.

Ready for an agent or publisher to say heck yes to your book?

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