To get an offer of publication for your memoir or nonfiction book, or any type of book, the first step is to have an agent or publisher read your work.

But agents and publishers don’t want you to send the entire manuscript ‘cold’, there’s a vital step before sending your book to a publisher or agent.

You need to write what’s known as a ‘query’ which is an email that introduces you and your story to an agent or publisher… so they can decide if they want to read the first pages or chapters of the book. 

Some agents & publishers ask for a synopsis as well, but all want a query, to start.
Note: the query is different to the synopsis!

The problem is…

Most writers (and i made this mistake, too), don’t understand the clear difference between a synopsis and a query…

(Because despite the HUGE importance of the query to the publishing deal, it’s simply not TAUGHT in writing courses!! They heavily focus on the manuscript itself.)​

So most writers don’t spend half as much time on the query as the manuscript itself….

And this is why MOST writers don’t get a request for sample chapters or a full manuscript from a literary agent.

And I don’t want this for you!

So you need to write a great query to get your work read. The query is the short pitch, the email that says, in the clearest terms possible, what you’ve written, why it’s for them, and what they will get out of requesting more material… it should excite them about your story!

The reason agents and publishers don’t want to see a full attachment of a manuscript on first approach is because it takes a long time to wade through a book (or even a 10 000 word sample). And you can tell a LOT about the manuscript – and the author, in fact – from what’s in the query letter.

If you can give them an enticing query with the highlights of your story AND you, their curiosity is piqued and they can make a decision to PRIORITISE reading your chapter samples.

And they’ll send you a quick response REQUESTING more material, which starts the ball rolling and could = your big break!​

BUT if you send a boring query, a confusing query – or, what’s even MORE common, a query that reads like a legal summary in overly formal language…​ as lengthy as a synopsis (repeating this again: the query is NOT the synopsis!)…

​You won’t hear back.


The query letter is the bridge.

And the query is how you get a manuscript SEEN.​

And contrary to what many people say, selling a book from a cold query is not just possible, it’s COMMON.

This is how I sold both my books! And thousands of feature articles and essays for major media.

I wrote short, compelling query letters that ticked the boxes for what agents and publishers and editors want to see to request the full story.

If you want to know the exact steps to write a query that is exciting, enticing, and that makes agents and editors sit up and say YES – SEND ME MORE – I created Write Your Memoir Query for you.

This course covers the precise difference between a query and a synopsis (they are vastly different, but most writers get them confused.)​

This course includes a TEMPLATE you can use to write your query (and tweak it for each new agent or book you pitch) in fifteen minutes or less, because it gives you an outline you just need to fill with the elements that make YOUR story unique.

The Write Your Query course includes my own examples of query letters that sold both my books to agents and publishers, and other nonfiction queries I’ve sent that led to offers of publication and invitations to meet publishers.

And this course includes an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes know-how on publishing sales, the pitch process, and how to get your story read.​

​If you have questions about the query letter, if you want to see examples of a query letter, if you want to know the difference between a query and a synopsis and you want to know how to position your writer platform in a way that sells your work to agents and publishers, Write Your Memoir Query is for you.

Every time I teach the query or speak to a writer about the query, I have writers say they realised they’ve been pitching wrong for YEARS. ​The first time I shared the template with a writer, she used it to get a meeting with an agent the very next WEEK!!!

Do you want to save yourself time (and needless rejection) en route to literary representation by an agent?

Then grab Write Your Memoir Query right here.