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📓Start a mindful journalling practise with a 30 day program to turn your personal story into words on the page!


  • Thirty daily step-by-step email lessons that teach you exactly how and what to write in your daily journal. You get the complete course material as a downloadable, beautifully-designed e-book on day 30 so you can take the course over as many times as you like!

  • 3 short training videos to help you understand key journalling concepts when it comes to memoir

  • 30 bonus writing prompts to help you mix up your journalling practise

  • Join our student community and plug into a network of other writers working on the same goals

  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: Exclusive mood-boosting focus prompts to help you shift your mindset quickly during stressful times

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  • Digital trainings & downloads valued at over $2500 for just ONE payment of $188


When I first started the course I didn’t really know what I wanted to write… this course helped me realise that I was leaning towards a memoir all the time, I just didn’t know it.

The best thing about the course was that all the prompts were on topics that had been buzzing around in my head for years, if not decades, and it gave me the spur I needed  to put them down on paper. It gave me a much-needed foundation to build on.

I did every one of the prompts that you sent… I wrote around 22,500 words in the 30 days.
Gill Estartit, Spain

  • You’ve formed a daily journaling practise with the right prompts and questions to tell your story on the page in a way that feels good

  • You’re 15 000 words closer to your writing dreams

  • You have a technique to conquer writer’s block – in fact, after each day’s writing session you’re bursting with new story threads and ideas you want to commit to the page

  • You know some of the key elements & archetypes of story structure used in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and the work of Carl Jung

  • You’re actively scripting your future via creative visualisation techniques


✍🏻Do you journal sporadically because you find yourself staring at the blank page or thinking you should be working on something ‘worthwhile’?
📃Perhaps you just don’t know what to write? Or you find it hard to focus for long enough to write?
👩‍💻You want to experience the health and wellbeing benefits of a mindful journalling practise and find your focus on the page

My step-by-step 30 day journalling program gives you the guidance you need to write every single day in a way that will lead you gently but surely towards a book-length memoir. More importantly, it will teach you how and what to write to feel good along the way!


The course gave me a big shift back to being a ‘writer’, and getting back to the fundamentals. I averaged 5-6 pages every day… (but) one daily prompt brought 16 pages out of me. The best thing about the course was having the emails come in every day and being accountable to someone outside myself, knowing it was an intensive.
Liz Hall-Downs, Australia

I really loved the course. All of your writing prompts were so relevant and thought-provoking. I looked forward to reading your emails every morning and it has pushed me to finish my book. Writing was missing from my life for a few years, and you inspired me to just do it.
Courtney Lacomblez, France

I absolutely LOVED the course. It was definitely one of the best things I have done in terms of my writing. Journalling (with your course) helped me see myself as someone else would see me…The course was perfect in its content and the prompts are amazing. I would highly recommend this course to anyone struggling to get creative on a daily basis…”
Liz Roe, South Africa


Q: How long do I have access to the course content?
A: For life!

Q: How long do I need to set aside to journal each day with the program?
A: You can experience the health and wellbeing benefits of mindful journalling with as little as 15 minutes of journalling time each day. But when you see the writing prompts – you’ll want to write for longer!

Q: When does the course start and finish?
A: The course starts with your welcome email and your first daily prompt comes not long after. The daily emails end 30 days later. But because you get to keep ALL the course material you can re-take the program as many times as you like!

Q: Do I have to watch any live trainings or be in a particular country to take the course?
A: Nope! All you need is internet connection and an email address to receive your course content. It is all delivered to you via email and you follow the steps in your paper diary.

Q: What if i miss one of the day’s emails?
A: Simply start again the next day – don’t worry, you can re-take the course at any time with your downloadable email. And many of my students do!

Q: I do / don’t want to write a book. Is the course right for me?
A: This course was created for complete newcomers to writing and for those who write books. It is full of the essential ingredients for anyone – famous author or anyone else – to start a personal diary practise. If you are working on a book-length memoir, you’ll find the journalling prompts give you a new perspective on your story!

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Because my programs are digital and not physical, I don’t offer a refund. You can read the full policy here.

Hi! I’m Louisa

Do you know keeping a diary can change your life? It did for me, which is why i’m so passionate about teaching the skills of journalling.
For the last 20+ years I’ve made a career from writing and publishing.
I’ve worked as a magazine editor and features journalist, as well as a ghostwriter, newspaper columnist, author, copywriter, online editor and media and publicity consultant to experts in the health, beauty and psychology space.
My first memoir started with the daily journals I kept while on the road with my then-boyfriend, a wayward comedian who went by the name of Jimbo. That memoir became my first published book which was the culmination of a lifelong dream. I could not have written that book, or my second, without all that I’d learned from my journalling practise.
My second memoir, A Letter From Paris, has been released on 3 continents and as an audio production from Blackstone Publishing. If you’ve read this book, you’ll understand just how sacred and valuable a journal can be – even if it never is published.
My online writing programs are designed to save you time and agony in achieving results in your publishing career that took me a lifetime to learn. And my journalling program, particularly, is all about making you feel good as you explore your personal story. Because you know what? In memoir – the heroine is always you!