Learn my 5-step process to plot your memoir outline with clarity, vision and ease. 

✔️ In this pre-recorded set of trainings taken from the most popular module inside The Art of Memoir, you’ll learn a simple 5-step framework for outlining a compelling memoir.

✔️  You’ll walk away understanding how to find your Basic Premise, your Universal Themes, the 3 Act / Hero’s Journey outline, your Two Desires and most importantly – your story HOOK!

✔️ DOWNLOADABLE GUIDES YOURS TO KEEP: Map your Memoir is a comprehensive 56 page manual to mapping your literary memoir! It’s full of storytelling prompts, examples, guides and templates for each of the 5 steps deisgned to save you time. You also receive a summary of the Hero’s Journey framework so you can use that to fuel your memoir writing journey.

✔️ AUDIO: Listen to a Map your Memoir live workshop and hear writers gain clarity on these 5 components to a true story

✔️ WATCH IN YOUR OWN TIME: This is all pre-recorded and hosted online as replays and downloads within a course platform, so you can pause, rewind, replay and watch in your own time. The guides will help you with any and all future writing projects to come and save you SO much time!

✔️ LIFETIME ACCESS: When you join my self-study courses, you receive lifetime access, which includes any and all future updates to the programme content!

Is this the year you finally turn your unique experience into a compelling story? Whether you’ve written the draft, the book proposal or are starting with a memoir idea, learn the FIVE elements to a compelling memoir with twice-published author Louisa Deasey! 

I started with 5000 words and finished 90 Day Memoir with a complete first draft of my memoir. I think everyone should write their memoir! Louisa’s program got me further than anything I’ve tried before. Thank you!
Eda Utku, Write Publish Grow
Thanks to your logical step-by-step strategy, Louisa, I got my first manuscript to the publishers on time. Such common-sense! I’m up to book three in the series now…
Karina Machado, Author of Spirit Sisters, Where Spirits Dwell & Love Never Dies


Do you have an experience you’re yearning to turn into a book, but you don’t know where to begin plotting it out?

You KNOW your story is unique, but you just need some help figuring out what goes where, and the right way to tell it.

In this valuable memoir training, you learn my unique 5-step process for outlining a memoir to the high standards of traditional publication.

Louisa Deasey is one of the best teachers around, an absolute master in the process, craft, and publication of memoir. I return to the lessons again and again!
Alice Lundy, Alice in Authorland
With other programs I’ve been a little left behind because I didn’t know the basics. I didn’t need to worry because you cover everything!
Kate Morell, Sunsets for Kate

You have an idea. Perhaps you’ve lived through something extraordinary, or you want to share your experiences and life lessons in a book-length work. Perhaps you even have a fair chunk of the manuscript written, but you keep wondering if you’re on the right track or if it will ever sell…
If this is a TRUE story (non-fiction) based on your own experiences, lessons and journey, what you’re writing is most likely a memoir.
I can help. You see, most people start their stories in the wrong spot. This means the first draft either takes years to finish or needs a massive re-write when it’s done. By clarifying your HOOK, your UNIVERSAL THEMES, your TWO DESIRES, your BASIC PREMISE and your 3 Act Outline before you chip away at the manuscript, you’ll save yourself years of agony AND – more importantly – validate your idea before you even begin!
And in personal experience – having an idea you KNOW will make for a compelling book before you write it, gives you the confidence and clarity to keep writing when the going gets tough.
I sold my second book (A Letter From Paris) using this 5-step outline framework and I’m going to share it with you in this workshop.
The most important aspect is the HOOK, because this is your story opening. In my experience as a writing teacher and editor, most people struggle to identify their story hook, which is a huge problem as this is the place where the story begins. But it’s not just the hook that you need to clarify in your outline. Each of the 5 elements works together in the fundamental framework for a compelling memoir outline.

Learn my unique method of plotting and outlining your memoir with the Map your Memoir bundle.

This memoir program lived up to its promise and more. I finished my memoir in the first week, instead of the last week. Then, somehow, I reviewed all 20 chapters and reduced 1M+ words to a mere 285K in a single ‘book’ document by the end of the course. AND I have a hook, plot points outline/table, query and synopsis. After twelve years working on my memoir, this was quite incredible!
Carolyn Barnabo


  • Map Your Memoir Masterclass
    In the 60 minute presentation you can watch whenever you please, pause, speed up and rewind, you’ll learn the 5 components of a compelling memoir outline. You can use these to both outline AND revise your manuscript, ensuring it has all the components of a sellable true story!

  • Map Your Memoir Workshop replay
    This 3 hour audio is from a live map your memoir workshop taken with students in January 2021. Hear the trainings and the a-ha’s in real time and learn how you can clarify these 5 vital components of your own personal story by listening to others clarify theirs.

  • Map your Memoir Clarity Playbook
    This is a 54-paged workbook filled with my best templates and prompts for you to KEEP as you work through your manuscript. The tools and techniques can be used again and again if you work on another book, essay or article. 

  • The Hero’s Journey Guidebook
    Learn the basics of the 12-stage Hero’s Journey framework which we explore in the 3 Act Outline section of the workshop. You can use this workbook to prompt your writing and your outline!


    What is your story about? Learn to sum up your story as succinctly as possible with the focus sentence formula

    This is the ‘opening’ for your story and the ONLY way to ensure it’s compelling if you want to sell it.

    Master the fundamentals of the 3 Act Structure and learn how the Hero’s Journey fits – plus map YOUR story using long-favoured screenwriting techniques.

    Map your two desires so you can turn the simplest story into a compelling book-length tale.

    Learn what makes your story RELATABLE to a wide audience, no matter how ‘niche’ you think your topic or theme.


Louisa Deasey has 20+ years of experience writing and editing for major print and online media, corporate, government, agency and private clients. She’s the creator of three online writing programs and her bestselling memoirs have been published by Allen & Unwin and Scribe. Her latest has been released in Australia, the UK and North America, with an audio production by Blackstone Audio.
Louisa’s memoir and non-fiction trainings focus on simplicity and clarity, lifting the curtain on the traditional publishing industry and providing a candid insight into what it takes to get your story published and experience the transformation that authorship can bring.


  • You have a strong idea for your story but you need some help knowing where to put your focus

  • You have questions about memoir outlines: is your hook a hook? What are the 2 desires? How can your personal story fit in the Hero’s Journey framework?

  • Perhaps you have a partial draft but you’re not sure if you’re on the right track (save yourself years by including these 5 fundamentals in your first draft!)

  • You want to know how to outline your memoir so you can finish the manuscript and sell it to a publisher

  • For you if you’re writing fiction or a screenplay

  • A workshop on book proposals – although what you learn will help you with your book proposal

  • A manuscript critique. I’ve shared openly that I don’t agree that the feedback model will set you up for writing success so this workshop is designed to give YOU the tools to validate and revise your own work.


Do I need to have started writing a draft to take this workshop?

Not at all! You can start with as little as an idea that you want to develop into a book. It’s an excellent place to start: by mapping your memoir outline!

How long does the masterclass go for?

The masterclass is a one hour video recording which you can replay as many times as you like. The audio goes for 3 hours.

How long do I have access to the bundle?

The programme is yours to keep: hosted online on a course platform, you get lifetime access, so you can watch and replay the lessons as many times as you like – AND download the workbook to keep.

What if i don’t like the bundle? Do you offer a refund?

No, there is a strict no refund policy. You can read the full refund policy here.

I have another question!
Take a look at the extended payment FAQs page here, and if you still have questions, reach out to