If you want to sell your story to a traditional book publisher, the most important connecting cord between your creative ideas and getting published, is knowing how to query – aka ‘pitch’ your story and get a response.
The query letter is how you get a potential literary agent or editor requesting the memoir or nonfiction book proposal you’ve worked so hard to write, or even to see some memoir sample chapters. The only goal of the query letter is to get this response – and get it fast!
The ability to write a GREAT query letter that gets a literary agent or publisher wanting to see more of your work (and offer to represent you!) can be learnt, and I’m opening up a new workshop for you to learn exactly what goes into a query letter that GETS a response. The query workshop will be live and online, with a replay (and query templates) available to all registered attendees.

So if you want a simple, action-specific toolkit to writing a query that sells a memoir to a literary professional, you’re in luck.

Next week I’m teaching a LIVE workshop on my process to write a query letter that sells your memoir. And I’ll ALSO be sharing (for the first time ever) the query that sold my first memoir – resulted in multiple agent offers of representation and my first publishing deal for my first book!
I’ve written and sold two memoirs of my own to agents and publishers, and written thousands of query letters that sold my work as a freelance writer, too.


This query process is so mysterious, so undertaught and misunderstood, that I’ve decided to run a live workshop where I’m going to take you through exactly what you need to include in your query letter, and show you examples of my own query letters that resulted in requests for manuscript, or offers of representation, or book deals.

I’ve never shared these before! I’m also going to share feedback from agents and commercial publishers that I’ve worked with, on what they look for in a query letter and what is usually missing, particularly with memoir.
What’s important in these query letter examples is that they’re for memoir, specifically, and show the context of how you interact with agents and publishers depending on your unique situation. Because every single query letter needs to be tailored for its recipient! This is how you get a response (quickly).

Now, there’s more than the query involved in getting a book deal, of course, but because this query process needs to be grasped before you even start submissions, I’m teaching you what an agent or a potential publisher needs to see in your query letter what material you need to have ready before you even send that query letter (so you don’t start submissions too early).


And because everyone wants to see examples, for the very first time ever, I’m sharing my own query letters that sold my first memoir or resulted in agent representation. I’ll share what I did wrong and what I got right, so you can see for yourself how a first-time author with no experience in traditional book publishing, can crack the code and get those magical words in your inbox: request for full manuscript.

And I’ll be walking you through exactly what you need to include in your own.

My query letters have sold thousands of stories to major media and publications, landed agents and publishers for my books, and have resulted in offers of publication or invitations to meet with potential agents and publishers.

The quickest way to get me to fix your query letter so you get a request for material is to have my eyes and attention in a one to one capacity. My 1:1 coaching offers are here, but in my workshop next week, I’ll be giving you feedback on your query in a group setting when you attend live! This is the most accessible option to receive my coaching and feedback on your query.
Book your spot at the query workshop (and access all the templates and replay) right here.

Regardless of whether or not you have a query ready to send out on submission, this workshop is going to be an invaluable resource for those of you looking to get published in 2024.

I’ll be walking you through the memoir submission process for traditional publishing, what agents and publishers need to see, what’s usually missing from a memoir query, and my step-by-step process for writing a query for your memoir that will result in a request for more material.

My background is as an author, editor and book coach for memoir and nonfiction, and I’ve worked with dozens of commercial and independent publishers, literary agents, editors and published authors.

I’ve written and sold two memoirs to traditional book publishers, and my query letters have resulted in requests for full manuscripts, offers of agent representation.

I’ve also personally written over a thousand query letters that have resulted in stories and regular writing work being commissioned for major media and print and online publications.

The workshop will be held live via online web meeting next Tuesday 23 January and a recording will be available for anyone who has purchased a spot.
The query workshop will run for 90 minutes and includes a step-by-step training on the memoir query, walk-through of the query to submission process using my own examples that sold to publishers / agents, and after that, you’ll have the chance to get your questions about the memoir query process answered in a group format. You also get to use templates to save yourself time – and keep them for all future query letters you wish to write!

Grab your place via the link here, and learn how to ace your memoir query so you can catapult towards your book publishing dreams in 2024!