Nonfiction book deals come down to showing a potential agent AND a publisher AND even negotiating with media to reveal to all the major players involved why your concept is timely and relevant and will interest the book-buying public RIGHT now.
Watch this short video where I explain how this works.

😔It’s often JUST as hard to get an agent as it is to get the publishing deal itself… and then when you get the deal, who educates you on how to ensure the book sells beyond the first print run?
😳Or what to do in the months leading up to publication day to sell thousands of copies on launch week? Becoming a published author doesn’t come with an onboarding week or checklist for new hires like every other profession!
This is why I now offer author mentorship through all parts of the deal and agent process itself, right through to publication day and beyond.
👉If you’re navigating the traditional publishing process and you want a mentor who can ensure you meet your FULL sales potential as a first-time author, I will be your secret agent 🕵️‍♀️ and your publishing coach through the entire process.
Apply for a complimentary discovery call to learn what my unique mentorship process for nonfiction authors determined to succeed in traditional publishing involves.
📖 Nonfiction books and traditional publishing only.