Hi! I’m Louisa. I coach nonfiction authors committed to excellence in traditional publishing. 
With over 25 years’ experience in print and digital publishing and media, I can help you write a better manuscript, get published, hit the bestseller lists and make a huge impact with your work.
If you want to accelerate your publishing career and your author brand, you’re in the right place!

Learn what your nonfiction book proposal needs to include to get your book deal across the line with agents and publishers. With a handy checklist and helpful info on each section of the proposal, this comprehensive guide is a must-have for first-time authors in the submissions process.

Is your first nonfiction book coming out in the next 6 months? Learn what to do in the key stages of your book launch to increase your chances of reaching the bestseller lists with this handy marketing checklist which covers what to do in the 3 main stages of your book launch!

download your guide to keeping a daily journal

Learn Louisa’s 5 step daily practise to keeping a handwritten journal to deepen your creative awareness, connect to your inner riches, develop better powers of observation and reveal your authentic writing voice.

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