Frequently Asked Questions

All your offers are priced in USD. Aren’t you Australian? 

Correct. I’m currently based in Australia and all my online offers are priced in USD. I make this very clear on the sales checkout pages.
Every single offer I put out is specifically for memoir and nonfiction writers to reach their potential as a bestselling author in the high standards of  traditional publishing no matter where you are based in the world.

These aren’t live zoom group calls delivered once – these are pre-recorded and specifically sequenced trainings hosted in a private membership that you can replay and re-learn, often with valuable extra downloadable tools, bonuses and email resources – again and again and again.

I update these classes from time to time and as a paid student, you receive lifetime access to any future updates.

It’s important to me that my offers are internationally relevant and delivered to a world-class standard. I also want them to be accessible and accessible immediately, and get you results: this is why you’re not just getting a recording of a jumbled zoom call uploaded to You-Tube, a live workshop you may not be able to attend on the day it’s delivered, or invited to access your course in a private Facebook group.

To ensure I meet these high standards, I invest in a number of premium software tools both to deliver the trainings, keep yours and my data secure, process the payments and send you your access and any bonuses within MINUTES of your purchase, no matter where you are in the world. I currently pay for over 10 different tech tools to ensure a seamless experience for students and clients. These are all tools I pay for in USD. I tend to think the USD is the currency of the internet!

Your purchase is safe no matter where you are in the world because i also invest in safe payment processors, and data security tools to immediately email you receipts, access codes and logins.

You ALSO don’t have to fly to Australia and turn up to a classroom, BYO coffee, get caught in the rain and take notes which you might lose or forget. 

You literally purchase a premium training no matter where you are in the world, get access within minutes, download your bonuses which you can keep foreever, and begin your transformation immediately!
I’ve had students take my classes from all across the world, and email me that they’ve made a quantum shift in their understanding of story structure or what they need to shift in the narrative within hours of beginning. This is why I make everything immediately accessible 24/7 and so highly value online education – once you purchase an offer, you’re not waiting for me to wake up and manually send you an access code or allow you into a Facebook group.

Clients can login to the material any time, anywhere (as long as you have internet connection) and the community and comments are hosted in the Kajabi portal rather than Facebook, so you needn’t even have a social media account if, like me, you’re ambivalent about social media, and have certain *thoughts* about it. 

It’s important to me that my products are of high quality and your experience as a client is seamless and organised, which is precisely why I invest so heavily in software and automation tools to make these products accessible and simple to use.

The software and payment systems and integrations I use to design and deliver these systems are predominantly US-based, and charge in USD. I include the cost of these systems when I consider how I am pricing my offers.

I cannot pay the course or mentorship fee in USD with the Indonesian / South African / Canadian / Australian exchange rate right now

Please, I DO NOT want you to purchase any of my programmes if this would place you in financial hardship! 

Please DO NOT purchase something now if it’s not the right time for you!

I have hundreds of free memoir articles on my website, dozens of free videos on You-Tube, and a number of other high quality trainings you can download for free from my website. Wait until it’s the right time for you. I don’t know if i will have the same offers in 6 or 12 months time, but I do NOT want you purchasing anything from a place of desperation or panic.

I saw a limited-time offer for a lower price of Map Your Memoir, The Art of Memoir, Manuscript Finishing School, Journaling for Memoir, or something else. Can I pay you via direct deposit at the lower price I saw?

The actual cost of the programme is the full price, and from time to time I offer limited-time promotions. These are either launch promotions, flash sales or limited-time 60 minute one-time offers.

If the price is now showing as the full investment, then that limited-time offer has expired. 

I use a premium software to keep track of deadlines, so that if you see a limited-time offer it is authentically for a limited time.

These are truly limited-time promotions and it would not be honest of me to then make an exception if you email me. 

It’s also not fair on those who HAVE paid the full price of the programme for me to give you a discount when the price has truly gone up.

Again, coming back to integrity and premium offers – I invest in deadline software to give these promotions an authentic boundary.

The price will go up when the timer expires. This is an incentive to get you to make a purchase decision and it’s also a timing boundary.
Because I’ve spent time and energy setting these deadlines up, I cannot then give you the discount if the timer has expired. 

I do NOT send invoices for you to direct deposit into my bank account. This is to protect you AND me. I have a Paypal Business account which means you can simply use a debit or a credit card, anywhere in the world, to make your transaction safely. You do NOT need money in a paypal account to purchase any of these programmes or offers. You simply use your bank card, and Paypal processes the transaction safely (and sends you a receipt!). They are a third party payment provider and they ensure both the purchaser AND the provider (me) abide by international standards.

This is to protect me AND you. All payments will go through the checkout integrations the business has set up, clearly linked on sales pages and emails.

Will I receive a receipt after payment?

Yes. Every purchase automatically receives a payment receipt / invoice delivered to the email you entered with payment.
You can use these receipts for your tax return, if education and coaching is something you can claim in your country or industry.

Why is the payment plan more expensive than the pay-in-full option?

There are a few reasons you’ll typically see a 10-20% addition in the payment plan amount to a pay-in-full fee with online offers.

Firstly, it’s like you’re getting an interest-free loan. The actual cost of the programme is the pay-in-full amount. 

Sadly, typically as many as 25% of clients don’t honor payment plan further than one payment, OR require endless emails and chasing to simply fulfil the commitment of the payment plan they signed up to complete.

This takes time and money for a business to chase, so this is added to the full amount of the payment plan to cover the cost of those who choose to dishonour the debt.

Please ONLY go into a payment plan if you intend to honour the full series of monthly payments. Again, if you cannot purchase an offer or this would place you under duress, DO NOT purchase the offer. It is not a subscription service or membership you can cancel at any time. It’s an accessible way to stretch the full fee out over months, and the extra amount is to cover the extra administration and costs involved in processing (and often chasing) more than one payment for a product or service.

Can I pause my payment plan?

No. Payment plans are offered to make a premium programme such as the Art of Memoir or the Art of the Book Deal more accessible to those who cannot invest the full fee at once. But it’s not a subscription service and cannot be turned off and on.

For those who don’t honor the full payment plan, your access to the products or services will be deleted and your debt referred to a third party collection agency. 

Do you issue refunds?

No. There are strictly NO refunds offered on any of these digital products, courses and coaching at any time. You receive IMMEDIATE access to intellectual property and copyrighted material. This cannot be returned when it’s in a digital format.
You can read the full refund policy here in more detail.

I paid for an offer and I didn’t receive my product or course access – help!

Of course – please check your spam and ‘promotions’ folder and if there is nothing there with your login details and/or receipt, please email so we can see what went wrong.

I’ve lost my login to a course I purchased months ago – can you help?

Absolutely! This is precisely why I invest in Kajabi as my course software provider.

Simply visit this link and click the ‘forgot password’ text, entering the email address you used to purchase the programme.
You’ll receive a reset link in your email within minutes.

I have another question that you haven’t answered here. How do I get in contact?

Email Louisa at

Please avoid using Facebook or social media to get in touch…