Essay to Book Deal Online Course



The quickest way to build your writing platform, find readers for your book-length memoir and yes – secure a book deal – is to write essays, articles or blog posts around the themes of your memoir!
It worked for me, and it’s worked for thousands of others – some who have shot to the New York Times Bestseller list!
This short course includes all you need to know to successfully turn an essay or article or blog into a book deal.

This online course is an instant download and includes:

  • A 45 minute digital workshop on how to turn an essay or blog into a book deal, complete with case studies of bestselling memoirs that came from a published article or essay, step-by-step guidance, how to brainstorm and pitch your story ideas, where to pitch, and what to do to maximise any article, blog post or essay that is published to increase your chances of a book deal. It also includes how to leverage agent or editor interest in your memoir topic.
  • A complete step-by-step guide to writing essays, articles or blogs to garner a book deal. This guide is 25 pages and includes: why, how and where to pitch your articles and essays, when to write your own blogs on your memoir topic, as well as what to do to leverage publicity when your articles and essays are published, how to communicate with agents and editors to leverage your published pieces, using your published pieces in your book proposal or publicity strategy, and what to avoid when you’re using a memoir essay or article to secure a book deal.
  • A downloadable fill-in-the-blanks pitching template so you know how to pitch on any memoir topic to any outlet, and how to write your author bio.This short course includes all you need to know to start turning your memoir into essays and articles to gain readers and secure a publishing deal. Everything is available as an instant download upon purchase!