Writing Breakthrough Session


Book a 60 minute writing breakthrough session to get answers to your pressing publishing questions and I’ll get you moving forward fearlessly in your writing journey.


Expert help can give you the boost that you need to complete a writing project or get it into the right hands.

As an author, journalist, editor and writing coach, Louisa Deasey has over 20 years publishing experience and has mentored dozens of writers in the path to publication.

In 60 minutes you can gain clarity on questions that have troubled you for years and have a tailored strategy to get you the results you dearly want and need.

You can also receive real-time feedback on up to 3 pages of typed material during the session (I recommend just sharing your synopsis, outline, query or pitch pieces, not material from the manuscript itself).

All consultations take place via zoom and you will receive a recording so you can refer to the session any time you need.
Once payment has received and booking form filled in, you will receive a link to our call.

  • Writing Breakthrough Session includes:
    60 minutes of coaching
    Downloadable zip recording of our call
    Follow-up email with tailored strategy and extra resources (such as templates, checklists and links) to help you.

I look forward to chatting with you!