Ace Your Memoir Query Letter

with Louisa Deasey

Louisa’s query letters have sold thousands of stories to major media, and resulted in offers of publication within weeks to months for nonfiction and memoir books. But it took YEARS in the media and publishing world for Louisa to learn what you’re going to know by the end of this class!
In this course, Louisa walks you through the query letters that led to her two publishing deals for memoir and you’ll know:

👉What you MUST include (& what to leave out) in a query letter for memoir to get a request for more material LINE-BY-LINE!
👉Tricks to showing URGENCY & RELEVANCE so you GET A RESPONSE from an agent or publisher
🌟 A proven TEMPLATE for your query letter that you can use to tailor every query you write to ensure it has what’s required for a response

This is a digital pre-recorded course (first delivered as a live training) that you access on purchase.

I used your templates and I’m delighted to say I’ve secured a meeting with a literary agent next week!

N, client

Thank you so much for editing my query! It is much improved! I learned a lot from your rewrite, and I think others would as well. 

P, client

I put my submission package together over the weekend. I finally know what to include in my submission! And how the query differs from the synopsis.

T, client


I want to show you how your POSITION yourself – and your story – so you get a response!

It all starts with a GREAT query: but most first-time authors have been ‘in the trenches’ for so long with their manuscripts they send overly bland and lengthy emails that make it hard for an agent or editor to know what’s sellable about your book (and you!)
I’ve sold both my memoirs from a query letter, and written & reviewed thousands of nonfiction query letters for published articles, essays and books.
>>In this series of classes, for the first time, I’ll be sharing the query letter that sold Love & Other U Turns, my first travel memoir published by Allen & Unwin in 2010.
I’ll also be sharing feedback from some of the major Publishers and Agents I’ve worked with across the world, on what they really like to see in a memoir query.
Get your query questions answered and learn about the elusive traditional publishing pitching process for nonfiction and memoir AND see examples so you know how to revise a query so you know it’s got what it takes. Your future (published) self will thank you!

If you’ve decided 2024 is the year YOU sell your beautiful book, get started with clarity and confidence writing your QUERY letter – the bridge between your manuscript and the agent or Publisher of your dreams!
This bundle is included in The Art of Memoir & The Book Deal Accelerator because it’s essential knowledge to WRITE or SELL a true story for publication. But you can purchase it here, separately, for $555.

  • Video content walking you through the key components of the memoir query letter

  • Walk-through of the query letter template with answers to your questions [this was first delivered live as an interactive workshop]

  • Query Letter Common Problems

  • Query Letter examples from two memoirs that Louisa SOLD to publishers

  • Author Bio Template [learn to position yourself effectively!]

  • Memoir Query Revisions – learn how to revise your query letter by watching Louisa critique two memoir query letters


You want to secure an Agent & Book Publisher for your memoir or nonfiction

You want to see (and be able to read) REAL examples of a successful query letter to sell a memoir or a nonfiction such as a biography or how-to guide from an author who has been published

You’ve sent a few queries but had no response, not even a nibble (or maybe a nibble, but not a bite)


You’re looking to self-publish your memoir or nonfiction book

Your work is fictional or a novel (some of the query elements are the same for fiction, but this workshop is specifically using memoir/ nonfiction examples)

You want personal feedback on your query letter. Head to this page to see my current 1:1 options to coach you through your query.


If you’ve never experienced it before, publishing can seem like an enigma, the sort of industry that’s closed to all but insiders. Louisa knows traditional publishing, both as an author and from the back end where agents, editors and sales teams operate. She has a knack for coming up with new ways to ensure your manuscript gets in front of the right people.
Carrie Hutchinson, award-winning travel writer, ghostwriter & editor

Louisa can see possibilities for you that you can’t see because you’re too close to it all. She incorporates book publicity and author know-how with online marketing which is a really unique combination. The whole plan was so brilliant. Louisa came up with a GENIUS marketing strategy to promote my upcoming book launch and online business both at the same time.
Mary Adkins, HarperCollins author

I have known Louisa for 18 years. She is an amazing writer and interviewer, uncannily perceptive with a gift for nuanced observation. That, blended with her media and publishing industry savviness, makes her formidable.
Mystic Medusa, Author

Louisa was a fabulous editorial support, and she’s direct and coherent in the advice she offers which has been honed by her years of experience….
Eleanor Jackson, poet, author, board chair of Peril magazine & the Stella prize for women writers

About Louisa Deasey

Louisa Deasey is an author, educator, publishing consultant, editor and teacher with over twenty years’ experience in print & digital media, PR, education, marketing and traditional book publishing.

Louisa has written and published two books – Love & Other U-Turns (Allen & Unwin, 2010) and A Letter From Paris (Scribe, 2018, reprinted in 2019 & 2020) and has been teaching and coaching nonfiction writers through the digital education arm of her business since 2018, having developed methodologies to simplify the writing, pitching and revision process particular to memoir.

Louisa worked as a freelance journalist in the health, psychology, beauty and lifestyle field for major media, publishing widely in print and online outlets from 2005 – 2016. Louisa has since written, edited and consulted on dozens of successful nonfiction book proposals and manuscripts for commercial publishers including Hachette, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Sounds True, Murdoch Books, Allen & Unwin and more.

Louisa has a particular interest & expertise in topics related to health, psychology, personal development and literary memoir.

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