STORY QUEEN provides expert  non-fiction ghostwriting and editing services to help you reach your publishing and publicity goals.

With 20+ years experience writing for print and online media, STORY QUEEN’S Louisa Deasey has also created three online writing programs and traditionally-published two non-fiction books.  Louisa has also worked on dozens of published non-fiction titles as ghostwriter, editor or book coach. Her latest memoir has been released in Australia, the UK and North America, with an audiobook production by Blackstone Audio.
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With bestselling memoirs published by Allen and Unwin and Scribe, Louisa has transformed 20 years of writing experience into three bespoke memoir courses for writers at each stage of the memoir publishing journey.
Her memoir programs have been featured in Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy and print and broadcast media including The Weekly Review and The Content Fix.

I just want to recommend Louisa’s memoir programs for anyone looking to up-level their writing. The content and the information is extremely valuable. Memoir Academy has transformed my relationship with my writing – and I’ve been plugging away for 7 years!
Lani Foulger
The course was amazing and the prompts were just perfect. It has pushed me to finish my book! Thank you Louisa!
Courtney Lacomblez
The journalling course has been life-changing for me. I’ve taken many online courses before but this is the only one I’ve stuck with. I can’t wait to get up every morning and do my journal with coffee!
Mary Mc Clary
Louisa’s teaching and writing is the stuff that dreams and hard work are made of… I will never write a book the way I did this one, I will follow Louisa’s Memoir Academy steps from the start!
Alice Lundy
Thanks to your strategy I was able to get my manuscript to the publisher on time. Thank you Louisa!
Karina Machado