The Art of the Book Deal

Private Mentorship with Louisa Deasey

For memoir writers ready for their first traditional publishing book deal…

Limited spots available

I’m Louisa Deasey. I’ve traditionally published two books and work with ambitious memoir writers to master their traditional book deal strategy.

I’m living proof that you don’t need to have a huge platform (OR an agent) to secure a prestigious publisher for your memoir. I’ve written and sold two books (one agented, one without) and both deals happened within days and weeks of my submission.
What it REALLY takes to succeed in traditional book publishing is NOT what most people think…

Here’s what it DIDN’T take to get my first book deal:

  • A huge platform or even a social media following

  • A top agent

  • Publishing connections in New York or London (I live far, far away, in the very remote land of Oz)

  • A manuscript edited by a famous Book Doctor or Ghost Editor (I revised it myself!)


It’s about changing the way you think about YOU AND your book. Because when you KNOW how to position yourself and FULLY UNDERSTAND how this looks when it’s already happened – from pitch to manuscript submission to signing the contract, your success is inevitable!

THE ART OF THE BOOK DEAL private mentorship with Louisa Deasey

You’ve written your memoir manuscript OR you’ve built a platform to inspire interest in your story. You’ve scaled that mountain. Now, you just need someone in your corner to help you become an author. You need someone you can speak with freely, an objective and attentive listener with first-hand knowledge of what happens at every step of the memoir path to publication. You need someone to help YOU show agents and publishers your memoir will sell, and to show them this, YOU need to know it and believe it yourself.
The problem is, what happens behind closed doors in traditional publishing is usually hidden from writers until they DO sign their first book deal. And often, first-time writers sign with a hybrid publisher or even self-publish because they ‘give up’ on ever cracking the traditional publishing market.
And it’s simply because they don’t know how things work – very specifically – in this prestigious and elusive arena of publishing.


  • FEEL confident with a potential agent that YOU’RE the one choosing, NOT the other way around?!

  • MASTER the art of your pitch, your proposal, your memoir manuscript?

  • LEVEL UP your writing career by learning how traditional publishing sales works?

  • CONNECT with authors, editors, AND publishers – as your peers…?

…Because THIS is how you become a traditionally-published author!


  • That sense of helplessness when publishers or agents respond to you in ways you don’t understand (not knowing when and how you’re ALLOWED to respond…)
    You’ll learn how to hold yourself in tricky agent conversations, and position yourself professionally so you’re always acting in YOUR best interests

  • The sad, niggling sense that something is missing from you, your story, your SELF, your book
    You’ll learn exactly what your memoir manuscript AND the story needs to sell, and how to SHOW that to publishers, agents and literary peers

  • Fear, shame or embarrassment at rejections or silence from people who’ve read your intimate account of a very personal experience
    As a published memoir author, I well know the feeling of sending your personal story out into the ‘abyss’ of a complete stranger’s inbox. And I’ll show you how to re-frame the waiting period in a way that empowers you!

  • Overwhelm at handling social media or saying the wrong thing online in order to pitch or sell your work
    You’ll learn it’s not about numbers, or any specific one platform that gets you a book deal or connects you to your ideal audience. It’s about aligning your values with your goal, and connecting with your peers. And I’ll show you how to do that in a way that feels good!

  • Feeling like your life’s dream is unattainable, closed of to all but an elite, chosen ‘few’
    The REASON traditional publishing is a difficult industry is precisely what makes it so valuable.

Is the vision of your publishing contract starting to appear? GOOD!

Over the course of our work, you’ll see EXACTLY how getting a memoir book deal IS POSSIBLE for you!
With insider know-how, my eyes on YOU and your work, you get a coach, an editor, your own private mentor. This is what I always wanted from a literary agent (and thought they provided, like people do, before you learn how publishing works). But it’s not their role, and so often they have their own objectives which mean you don’t get the best advice to help you succeed. And for memoir, more than any other genre, you need a mindset coach and a mentor in your corner.

This is why i created my private mentorship: The Art of the Book Deal.


Although you’ll see your work differently and be able to assess it from a publishing perspective.
This is about you becoming the type of author who moves confidently in publishing circles – choosing agents and publishers from THAT perspective. That YOU get to choose the publishing story you live.


1: First, you’re going to carve out your memoir sales strategy
We’re going to deep-dive on your book and your life and connections, to map a personal, custom-fit publishing strategy for you and your book.  

2: Next we get your ‘sales’ documents ready
From pitch to publication, there’s certain documents that matter more than others if you want to sell your memoir. And this totally depends on who you’re pitching to, and when, and why! The timing piece here is what we really need to master to get you to your book deal quicker.

3: Then, you’re going to learn about mastering literary relationships from pitch to follow-up
If you’re anything like I was, it took me WAY too long to respond to a (frankly, unprofessional) agent, or know how or what to say to whom, or what to do when something like an essay was published to leverage that into a book deal. But this is where it all comes together – it can happen so quickly when you have all three pieces, AND the confidence in yourself – and your manuscript – to move when you need to!

There’s an art to selling a memoir in the high stakes world of traditional publishing. And it’s time YOU mastered it so you can FINALLY become an author!

With this level of attention and support, your success is inevitable. 


A book deal is a big deal. You don’t have to navigate the process alone! 


If you’ve never experienced it before, publishing can seem like an enigma, the sort of industry that’s closed to all but insiders. Louisa knows traditional publishing, both as an author and from the back end where agents, editors and sales teams operate. She has a knack for coming up with new ways to ensure your manuscript gets in front of the right people.
Carrie Hutchinson, award-winning travel writer, ghostwriter & editor

Louisa can see possibilities for you that you can’t see because you’re too close to it all. She incorporates book publicity and author know-how with online marketing which is a really unique combination. The whole plan was so brilliant. Louisa came up with a GENIUS marketing strategy to promote my upcoming book launch and online business both at the same time.
Mary Adkins, HarperCollins author

I have known Louisa for 18 years. She is an amazing writer and interviewer, uncannily perceptive with a gift for nuanced observation. That, blended with her media and publishing industry savviness, makes her formidable.
Mystic Medusa, author & online entrepreneur

Louisa was a fabulous editorial support, and she’s direct and coherent in the advice she offers which has been honed by her years of experience….
Eleanor Jackson, poet, author, board chair of Peril magazine & the Stella prize for women writers

6 months of 1:1 support and comprehensive education
What you receive as a private client:

Louisa Deasey zoom calls
7 private 1:1 coaching calls with Louisa [$7000 value]

To have an expert’s attention, time and focus on YOU and YOUR writing and publishing questions for a full hour (with no-one talking over you or interrupting you in a group call) is sheer luxury. This is when you get answers to any of your questions, share your doubts, share any feedback or responses from publishers or pitches and to experience having someone wholly invested in YOU and YOUR success.

Calls are held on zoom, with recordings provided for you. Calls go for 60-90 mins at our agreed time.

Louisa Deasey zoom calls

You, your life AND your book are unique, and will take a well-researched, specific and targeted strategy to sell, from someone who knows the process from start to finish. From finding comparative titles for you, to mapping out a list of potential publishers for your work, which agents want specific styles of memoir right now, or whether it’s best to work on the manuscript OR the proposal right now, each private client gets a completely custom-fit book deal strategy, so you know you’re making the best moves for your book every step of the way.

Louisa Deasey zoom calls


Getting fresh eyes on your pitch, your sample chapters, your book proposal, your essay, or an article you’re trying to publish to sell your book is so important, because in publishing, particularly, it’s the little details that make the big difference to getting a book deal. From helping you tighten up an essay you publish as part of your publication strategy, or polishing your query letter so it hooks your potential agent in seconds so they immediately see your potential…I’ll be reviewing everything before you send it out, so it gets noticed – the FIRST time you pitch.

+Query Letter review from Louisa  ($1,000 value)

+Author Bio review from Louisa  ($1,000 value)

+Synopsis review from Louisa  ($1,000 value)

+Book Proposal review from Louisa  ($5,000 value)

+Sample Chapters review from Louisa ($5,000 value)

+Website / Social Media review from Louisa ($5,000 value)

+ Essay Pitch review from Louisa [$1000 value]

Louisa Deasey zoom calls


A specific, targeted strategy for a traditional publication book deal for memoir – and Louisa’s proven toolkit
These are my best tools, and the step-by-step strategy I followed to get a book deal for memoir in months. There’s so much about memoir publishing that’s NOT taught in writing workshops or academic degrees, and most of it is around the sales aspect of book deals. So I made this comprehensive programme to give you exactly what I needed to master to get my two book deals.
Do you need to write your author bio? I’ve got a template for that. Or what goes where in your book proposal, or how to find your captive audience? There’s trainings, guides and time-saving templates for you that, too. You can log in and learn as soon as you join, and as a private client, get your questions answered on any of the trainings or lessons that you need to clarify with me so you don’t slip up while implementing the strategies. 


This is a high-touch mentorship and I want you to get the results – so to stay focused and motivated as we work together I’ve created a progress check-in for you so you never need to get stuck at any point. We start with a deep-dive call, then every month we have our coaching call on zoom, and every other week you’ll submit work for private and detailed written reviews with video walk-throughs provided for extra clarity. You’ll have me in your pocket for the full 6 months, as your private coach and mentor.

Louisa Deasey zoom calls


Whether you’re coming into The Art of the Book Deal WITH a memoir manuscript draft or with a platform and an outline, having my comprehensive programme shows you step-by-step how to write a literary memoir that sells, and particularly unique aspects of the genre and the memoir writing mindset you need to master (and how it’s different from writing and selling in a different genre).

With full access as soon as you sign up, you can get started straight away. You also receive access to our 6 month group coaching container for extra community and peer support.



Your investment:

$14 000 PIF
A 3 or 6 month split payment plan can be provided – we can discuss on our chat.
All prices in USD

Limited spots available

When you get your first book deal you become an author, and that’s an identity shift that lasts for the rest of your life – and beyond. 



I sent the manuscript on Friday and had a direct response from the Publisher by Tuesday.
I had a contract for the book’s publication a little over a month later, and Love & Other U-Turns was published in 2010.
I am not famous, was not on social media at that time, had just fired my agent, and only had a minimal platform.
The process I followed to get to that point, I walk you through in detail, in The Art of the Book Deal.

MY SECOND MEMOIR BOOK DEAL happened in 8 months:
I had NO manuscript*, and sold the book on pitch with a very short sample. A Letter From Paris was published in 2018, 2019 and 2020 on 4 continents, produced as an audio book by Blackstone, and hit the Indigo bestseller list in Canada on its reprint in 2020.

*You need a full manuscript if this is your first memoir, OR a very strong pitch & proposal if you already have a platform / request from a publisher.


What time are the calls?
When you fill in your application, please include your time zone and preferred 1:1 session request so we can arrange a mutual time that suits! 

How many people are in this container?
This is a high-level private mentorship, meaning we work 1:1 together, and there are no group calls except those inside the Art of Memoir. Because of the high-touch level of support for each private client in THE ART OF THE BOOK DEAL, there are only limited places available.

Does this programme have a start and end date? What should I expect when I join?
This is an evergreen mentorship, meaning it starts when you make payment, and continues for 6 months. Once you sign on as a private client, we arrange your call schedule for the full 6 months weeks based on your availability and time zone considerations. You’ll be given your dates and times to block out on the calendar as it’s important that you turn up to every one of the calls. Our first session will most likely go for longer so I can get your strategy prepared for you and I’ll have lots of questions.

How do you accept payment? What happens next?
You can pay via the secure checkout with card or Paypal – I’ll share the payment link when we chat on zoom. Once payment is made, your contract will be sent out with your onboarding details to get started! 

Are the zoom calls recorded?
Yes, calls are recorded for you and stored in a secure client folder in the cloud for you to access, along with your reviewed material and other resources.

Are there any refunds or guarantees?
No, I do not promise or guarantee a book deal. All results are up to you and most likely, you may NOT secure a book deal within the initial 6 month time period, but what you DO learn and implement will create a ripple impact on your publishing success for the rest of your life and you will KNOW when you sign your deal, that it’s the best publishing deal you could have chosen and you did all you could to attain success!


I engaged Louisa on a very complicated and technical book project. She not only delivered on the promised turnaround, she identified and noted a few issues that were beyond the scope of what I engaged her for. Issues that, once corrected, significantly improved the quality of the book. I’ve since engaged her for three further book projects. Thank you Louisa!
Kelly Exeter, CEO of Swish Publishing

Louisa is not only a great writer, she really understands all the other aspects of business (the big important things as well as the subtle nuances a lot of people miss!) and incorporates that into her work too. 
Nina Christian, CEO of award-winning marketing company Braveda

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your expert guidance at the very start of my journey. Thank you so much Louisa
Anita East, cosmetician & bestselling author of Beautiful Unique Faces

Thanks to your word wizardry and press material, I’ve just been invited to give a TedX talk! Love your work, Louisa.
Annalise Jennings, award-winning thought leader & CEO of Dynamic Exchange

I’ll never forget you simplifying my deadline for me when I was completely overwhelmed. Thanks to your brilliant plan, I got my first book to the publishers on time! 
Karina Machado, Hachette author & Who columnist

I really want to say thank you again for your fabulous guidance, reflecting on the year, doing your program was a major highlight… I’d highly recommend anyone to do your Memoir program, there is loads and loads of valuable content, from practical tools to broad stroke thinking…my relationship with my writing has transformed as a result, and I’ve been chipping away for 7 years!
Lani Theresa Rose, Writer

In the year she spent working for us, Louisa increased followings on our social media channels by 500%, and wrote such engaging marketing emails to promote our events that of the 50+ events we held that year, almost all were booked to capacity! Louisa also gained TV and print media coverage for our academics and experts in the Faculty and coached them expertly before each appearance. Louisa is an incredibly fast writer and quick to absorb the ‘story’ in an event, often scripting speeches for academics at the last minute and live-tweeting from events on obscure topics to increase engagement.
Philippa Knack, Events Manager, Melbourne School of Design


  • You have the full manuscript draft of your memoir (it doesn’t need to be perfect), OR the proposal…

  • You’re not a beginner – you know the difference between memoir, fiction and autobiography.

  • You’re ready to do the work to sell your memoir to a traditional book publisher

  • You’re looking for a high level of support as you navigate the traditional book publishing world and to make this book deal just the first step in your successful publishing career!

  • You’re ready to think differently about your career and your writing work, and to learn what it takes to move in publishing as a successful author

  • You’re an intelligent, articulate, success-minded individual with a growth mindset

  • Your manuscript is not your life story, a family history document or multiple stories, but one narrative with a clear through-line

  • You’re 150% certain you want a traditional book publishing deal (this is NOT for self-publishing)

  • You have the capacity and resources to commit to a 3 month private publishing mentorship

  • You’re a growth-minded individual and while your memoir might have some painful elements, it’s not filled with victimhood, defamation and blame.


Louisa Deasey is the real deal. She’ll save you time and offer solid lessons and inspiration in the memoir journey. The mindset techniques in her programs are fantastic, and I return to the lessons again and again. Writers would do well to chance upon your program sooner than later! I will never write a book again the way I did before, I’ll follow Louisa’s steps from the start…
Alice Lundy, writer

Louisa is one of those rare writers who is always researching and searching for a better way to do things – her passion for creating online offers that convert is second to none! Louisa reviewed different assets for my online course business and her great eye for detail meant that she not only spotted gaps and inconsistencies, but also made lots of valuable suggestions for improvement.
Lindy Alexander, The Freelancer’s Year

I’m happy to report that I’ve completed my first draft!!! I’ve completed the 12 phases of the Hero’s Journey and the 30 day journaling which I LOVED!
Using the Hero Journey’s framework has been eye-opening and revealing. Thank you!!

Susana Frioni, speaker, writer & coach

Thank you for your encouragement, expertise and for pouring kerosene on my tiny aims. I finished my memoir in the first week, instead of the last week. Then, somehow, I reviewed all 20 chapters and reduced 1M+ words to a mere 285K. AND I have a hook, plot points outline/table, query and synopsis. I told my son how you changed my paradigm on what was possible and I will never forget it. Merci, Louisa!
Carolyn Barnabo, Writer

Thank you for your expertise. With other programs I’ve been a little left behind because I didn’t know the basics. I didn’t need to worry because you cover everything!
Kate Morell, Writer

Your course is such a gift. I’m learning so much about writing, story structure and most importantly about myself. I love the exploration of my story and am walking into further healing as I write. I have been inspired, stretched and challenged by your course. You truly are with us every step of the way – you’ve done an amazing job of making things clear for a newbie such as myself, I am being transformed from your hard work.
Kem Stickl, Writer

If i hadn’t rejigged a few of the chapters and thus, my chapter summaries, I don’t think the narrative would feel as cohesive as it feels now. And that’s all due to 90 Day Memoir! I’ve just received an email to say that my essay won the non-fiction category and will be published… thank you SO much for your feedback which helped me refine it.
Tash Agafonoff, Writer


  1. Fill out the application for a private call with me via the button below
  2. Please answer EVERY question honestly for both our sakes. I can’t offer phone calls to people who have no book draft or no platform. If it’s not a  fit and your call is not confirmed, I’ll redirect you to other resources to help you in your publishing goals.
  3. If your application is successful, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your call time and zoom link for the call
  4. After our call, should we both decide it’s a definite YES, you’ll be invited to claim your spot within 48 hours so we can prepare your schedule and calendar out the calls.
  5. Once payment is made and paperwork signed, you’ll be sent your on-boarding package to get started before our first call! Woohoo!
  6. All the details of the programme, including the investment, the times, the requirements are detailed here on this page so you can apply when you are ready. If you’ve already spoken to or corresponded with Louisa and it’s a fit, you can also enrol via direct link. Email with any questions not covered on this page –



Louisa Deasey is a twice-published memoir author and book coach for memoir authors determined to succeed in the high standards world of traditional book publishing.

After studying writing and editing academically, Louisa went on to carve out a successful career as a freelance journalist, publishing widely in Australian and international print and digital publications.

In 2010, Louisa’s first memoir LOVE & OTHER U-TURNS was published by Allen & Unwin and nominated for two awards. Louisa retrained in digital marketing and communications strategy and worked in higher education, until her second memoir, A LETTER FROM PARIS appeared. Getting the book deal for A LETTER FROM PARIS took 8 months from blog post to query to offer to contract in 2016, and in 2017 she wrote the draft. A LETTER FROM PARIS was published in 2018 in Australia and the United Kingdom, released as an audio book by Blackstone in 2019, and in the United States as paperback. In 2020, Indigo Books reprinted A LETTER FROM PARIS in Canada, and it hit the bestseller list.

Louisa is passionate about educating first-time authors about the ins and outs of book sales and publishing so they can reach success in this complex industry.

If you’re like me, self-publishing was never an option, which is why it was so painful when i didn’t know how traditional publishing book deals worked, what to expect from an agent, or how to prepare my pitch and sales documents. This is exactly why I created the Art of the Book Deal mentorship.
If you have any questions not answered here on the page and you’re unsure if this is the right fit for you or whether or not to apply, feel free to send me an email at with your question and where your manuscript is at and I’ll give you an honest response.


“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.”

Robert Henri, American artist and teacher