For writers ready to sell their nonfiction book in the elusive and high stakes world of traditional publishing.


“Louisa, you’re a genius! I used your query lessons and I’m delighted to report I’ve secured a meeting with a literary agent!”
Book Deal Accelerator student
“My personal essay just got published! I never would have got over my fear of pitching without the Book Deal Accelerator!”
Book Deal Accelerator student
“I’m so much more confident in my negotiations with my agent after The Book Deal Accelerator. I wish there had been a programme like this when I was starting out…”
Book Deal Accelerator student


You’ve written a non-fiction manuscript (memoir, self-help, how-to, business) – BUT you’re…

❌ Getting rejected for ‘lack of platform’

❌ Told ‘books on XXX aren’t selling right now’

❌ Told that you need a million followers to get an agent

❌ Workshopping and critiquing and editing your work so much that you’re starting to hate it

❌ Perhaps you HAVE an agent but they ghost you for months on end

❌ Losing faith that you will ever crack the traditional publishing industry

I’m here to tell you: You do NOT need a million (or even a thousand) followers. You simply need a behind-the-scenes guide to the business of traditional publishing, so you can:

✅ Get your work seen by the people who matter

✅ Sell a story that will build your position and your platform

✅ Grow a literary community of supportive peers

✅ Earn money as you polish and perfect your book proposal

✅ Build your confidence as a writer so you know when to walk from a bad offer!

IMAGINE what it will feel like to…

  • See your book stocked at your favourite bookshops around the world…
  • Sign a book deal with a publisher you know will do a beautiful job with your book
  • View the first cover designs and have your breath taken away
  • KNOW your book will have the BEST chance of success being edited, marketed, sold and distributed by those at the top of their game
  • Connect with readers across the world who chanced upon your book because traditional publishing = excellent distribution!

AND you’ve created a lasting legacy – and the BEST possible deal for you and your work!
Let go of the years of doubt that came from rejection, and finally step into your new reality as a published author.


The Book Deal Accelerator gives you my step-by-step process to selling nonfiction and building your author ‘assets’ that will lead to a successful career. You want your first book to be potentially one of many! This is taught by a successful author, FOR successful authors. I share personal stories, proven techniques, and an enormous amount of practical, strategic and RELEVANT advice. 

I’ve wanted to create this program for so long, because it’s a strategy I used to sell two memoirs, despite no ‘platform’ or fame to speak of…  In this program I’m going to show you what I did to…

✅ Secure a lucrative book deal without platform, fame or ‘connections’ in MONTHS

✅  Gain the confidence to know a GREAT deal rather than sign with the first agent or publisher who expresses interest in your work

✅ Maximise every single connection and publication to ensure both the best deal for you AND that your book sells when it comes out!

✅ Earn while you learn: Get paid to BUILD a connection with your audience via essays, digital marketing, and other avenues

Every famous artist started as an unknown: Let’s get your unique message out to the people who want and need it, I’ll show you how!


10 detailed modules which reveal how to…
✔️ Know EXACTLY how traditional book publishing deals work for nonfiction from an agent and a publisher’s perspective (most writing courses don’t teach any of this!)
✔️ POSITION yourself and your STORY in a way so it SELLS (to major media AND agents AND publishers)
✔️Accelerate your PUBLISHING TIMELINE and COMPOUND your platform reach
✔️Make empowered decisions so that your work gets the best possible chance of long-term success and you get to write (and sell) more than one book in your life!

World Class Training and Curriculum:

The strategy taught in this program is not taught ANYWHERE because it’s my own personal processes, proven guides and material that’s seen me sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of stories to major media, agents, editors and traditional publishers. With pre-recorded trainings and downloads you can log in and learn how the publishing business works, what to submit when, and get access to behind-the-scenes knowledge any time your heart desires. You get to use all my proven templates so no need to take a separate course on query letters or social media for writers or book proposals or getting an essay published… This is my strategy to sell nonfiction. It works.

Replays of Proposal Walk-Through and Review

How do you write the marketing section? What goes into the audience section?  What’s the difference between pitching a memoir or another type of nonfiction? I’ve reviewed and edited dozens of nonfiction book proposals (that landed traditional deals with Top 5 Publishers!) and I walk you through the important components, common mistakes and share a templated example you can use as a guide.

Templates, Checklists, Spreadsheets, Examples & More.

Honestly, if I’d had even one of these templates when I pitched my first book I would have saved months of agony. That’s why I’ve curated my top templates, checklists, guides and other tools that I’ve used to sell stories and build my career. These downloads are yours to keep and cover everything from writing your Book Proposal, Author Bio, Query letter and Synopsis to logging your pitches and more. Aside from selling your work, these will save you thousands on workshops and separate courses!


ONCE-OFF BONUS valued at $1000
1:1 60 minute zoom Strategy Call with Louisa
Knowing what to do next can be half the confusion! Louisa offers a private 1:1 deep-dive strategy call to all pay-in-full clients during this special promotion! We’ll discuss your story, your strategy, and Louisa can review your query letter or your social platforms if that’s what you most desire to move forward. This call must be booked before Christmas 2023.

Create Your Writer Platform [full program!] Do you know how valuable digital platform is for nonfiction writers? It’s literally worth millions 
✔️Learn the 5 ‘assets’ worth millions in your career – and the professional way to create one (or all) of them from scratch
✔️ Use my (free) quick fix while you’re pitching if you don’t yet have a website
✔️ Learn digital strategy for personal brands (authors) that drives sales and revenue – created by an expert digital marketing strategist (me!)

Pay-In-Full Bonus: Little Black Book of Agents & Publishers

When you pay your enrolment in full, you receive this current curated list of 100+ Literary Agents & Traditional Publishers across the world who are specifically looking for unagented memoir and non-fiction. Every single contact & submission link has been recently checked by me so you can be certain you’re not pitching to someone who retired five years ago or only reads fiction!

Pay-In-Full Bonus: Manuscript Finishing School (complete program)

If you’re selling a memoir, you’ll love my complete manuscript revision and editing program. This 6-module course takes you step-by-step through the revision process I use to transform a rough draft to a submission-ready manuscript and get it as good as can be before it’s seen by an agent or publisher. I’ve written and edited dozens of nonfiction manuscripts over the last twenty years and these are my best trainings!

Pay-In-Full Bonus: 100+ Outlets & Editors

Save time looking for potential outlets for a story to build buzz and get your work seen by top agents and editors. When you pay your enrolment in full, you get an up-to-date contact sheet of 100+ potential outlets and editors with the inside scoop on how to pitch them.


What’s great about working with Louisa is that she can see possibilities for you that you can’t see because you’re too close to it all. She incorporates book publicity and author know-how with online marketing which is a really unique combination. The whole plan was so brilliant. Louisa came up with a GENIUS marketing strategy to promote my upcoming book launch and online business both at the same time.

Mary Adkins, author of When You Read This, Privilege and Palm Beach

I love the way you teach. I’m much more confident in my negotiations with my agent since taking The Book Deal Accelerator, I only wish there was a programme like this for fiction!
Kathy Rampsberger, intuitive life coach & author 

If you’ve never experienced it before, publishing can seem like an enigma, the sort of industry that’s closed to all but insiders. Louisa knows traditional publishing, both as an author and from the back end where agents, editors and sales teams operate. She has a knack for coming up with new ways to ensure your manuscript gets in front of the right people so you can secure a book deal.

Carrie Hutchinson, Author, Editor & Ghostwriter

I have known Louisa for 18 years. She is an amazing writer and interviewer, uncannily perceptive with a gift for nuanced observation. That, blended with her media and publishing industry savviness, makes her formidable.

Mystic Medusa, astrologer & author of dozens of books

Your plan was brilliant, and thanks to the simplicity of it all, I got my book to the publisher on time. Thanks Louisa!

Karina Machado, author of Spirit Sisters, Where Spirits Dwell and Love Never Dies

I engaged Louisa for a very technical book project at a tight turn around. As well as delivering to the time-frame, Louisa made some suggestions that, when implemented, improved the book and the project as a whole. I then hired her for a further four book projects, and would not hesitate to recommend her work.

Kelly Exeter, Editor, Ghostwriter & CEO of Swish Publishing

Louisa is one of those rare writers who is always researching and searching for a better way to do things – her passion for creating online offers that convert is second to none! Louisa reviewed different assets for my online course business and her great eye for detail meant that she not only spotted gaps and inconsistencies, but also made lots of valuable suggestions for improvement.

Lindy Alexander, The Freelancer’s Year


  • Module 1: Finding a captive audience

✔️Learn to identify your audience of MILLIONS
✔️ Ensure you know how to reach your audience, engage with them and build confidence in the process!
✔️ Move forward with a clear vision of how to reach the masses and PROVE there’s a need for your book!

  • Module 2: How to pitch a story

You know what made me a successful freelance writer? The same thing that got me a book deal! Learning HOW to pitch a story

✔️ Get clear and confident on how to pitch so that it takes you an hour (NOT a month!) to pitch your favourite editors or publications for a successful outcome. You’ll also polish your book synopsis so it aligns with your pitches.

✔️ Includes pitch templates, story submission tracker, synopsis & pitch samples, case studies and checklists, and a template for writing your author bio.

  • Module 3: The Art of Following Up!


✔️ Learn how and when to follow up & work with editors with real-life case studies, and what to do when they don’t respond!

✔️  Master your mindset as you track your submissions in the spreadsheet included in this module.

  • Module 4: Building a literary community

Relationships are everything and the book world is no different.

While you may think you don’t have any ‘connections’ I’ll show you exactly how to find your literary community and nourish these relationships so that you can grow and be supported as you build your writing career.

✔️ Includes training on engagement practises in social media.

  • Module 5: Amplifying every published piece

It’s not enough to get published, you need to be your own best marketer and AMPLIFY one piece so that it reaches the masses

✔️ Knowing what to do before, on the day and straight after a piece is published is one of the most important elements of securing your book deal.

✔️ Learn what to do if an agent or editor contacts you after your piece is published and how to contact them

✔️ Amplify the reach of every single published article whether it’s a blog or a feature for the New York Times

  • Module 6: Your book proposal

Learn the key components of a nonfiction book proposal that will stand out to the Publisher’s sales team

✔️ Use the step-by-step breakdowns in the guide to finish your proposal and watch the masterclasses to learn what goes where

✔️ Includes a proposal template and guide, as well as templates for your query, synopsis and author bio


  • Module 7: Agents, Editors, Publishers & Your Best Deal


✔️ Learn how to spot a great agent from a fake. Learn who does what in a publishing house and the behind-the-scenes structure of the path to publication when your manuscript is taken on.
✔️ Know how book deals work, how much you can expect to get and when, and what you will need to ask at every stage of the ‘deal’. Learn when to walk away and why the advance is not the only thing to consider when you’re offered a book deal.

  • Module 8: Reframing rejection & building resilience

Let’s be clear: If you’re not getting rejected, you’re not making progress.
✔️ Learn the process to reframe your mindset around rejection so you can grow rather than shrink from the event

✔️ Maximise the growth from every single rejection so that it takes less time to lead you to a breakthrough

  • Module 9: From Messy Middle to clean finish

The Messy Middle is the point in the publishing process when you’re most likely to sabotage your success.

✔️ Learn to maintain momentum and lead yourself through the messy middle like a Professional

✔️ Maintain motivation & a positive mindset from coaching yourself through this process

✔️ 7 Step-by-Step Strategically Sequenced Lessons in selling a nonfiction manuscript to Outlets & Publishers
✔️ 3 Bonus Modules for mindset & confidence with agents, editors & publishers
✔️ Create Your Writer Platform FULL programme to guide you through marketing and positioning yourself online
✔️ Manuscript Finishing School FULL programme to polish your memoir for submission

✔️ Checklists, templates, spreadsheets, case studies to save you time searching and researching
✔️ Q+A Call Replays where you can view reviews and proposal and query walk-throughs
✔️ Private Community where you can ask questions about any of the material and Louisa will personally respond 

✔️ Access to all future updates & iterations of the program


💸 Pay for critiques & edits on your book which make no difference to your getting published! $5000 
⏰ Try to figure it out on your own (over decades) – how valuable is a year of your life? Ten years?
💸 Pay a ghostwriter | book coach |editor because you’re clinging to the myth that it’s all about the manuscript $15 000K
⏰ Blow your chances with an agent or publisher by not responding appropriately or sign a BAD deal that costs you THOUSANDS
💸 Spend money on illustrations, design, ‘experts’, or other things that aren’t your responsibility (and it’s not clear in the industry if you don’t have a mentor in your corner) $5000

⏰ Sign the first deal you’re offered (& find out too late that it means your book will not be available in a single bookshop.)



✅ You’re determined to get a traditional publishing book deal

✅ You’re brave, committed and take responsibility for your own success – even if it means being visible online

✅ You’re ready to take action

✅ You’ve written a nonfiction book draft or a fair chunk of it – OR the proposal for it

✅ You’re willing to follow expert advice even when it’s surprising or uncomfortable!


❌ You’re thinking of self-publishing

You refuse to be visible online or use your real name anywhere

❌ You don’t have a chunk of the manuscript OR some of the proposal already written (you’ll need this, to work through the material)

❌ You just want to complain about agents, editors and the traditional publishing industry

❌ You’ve written a fiction

❌ You don’t have more than a basic grasp of grammar & punctuation (you do need to be able to write!)


PAY-IN-FULL [save $500 & receive 1:1 strategy session with Louisa valued at $1000!]

  • 10 Step Digital Program (Lifetime Access)

  • Create Your Writer Platform full program (Lifetime Access)

  • Templates, examples, checklists, outlets, more

  • Little Black Book of 100+ Agents & Publishers 

  • Manuscript Finishing School Program 

  • 100+ Outlets & Editors

  • 50 ways to pitch a true story

  • Email support with extra resources

  • One payment of $2997 $2497


What would it mean for you to finally get a book deal…?

If you’re currently workshopping your book proposal… re-writing your manuscript… waiting months to hear back from an MIA agent or worse, sending pitches out into the void and unsure whether you’re even querying properly… you are wasting precious time!

How much would it be worth for you to get moving on this dream in MONTHS rather than years (or never at all)? A book deal is a big deal, and publishing is forever. Hope is not a strategy and you need to be educated and informed so you can get the best deal possible.

You might only write one book in your life. Don’t you want to give it the best chance of success?

Even if you get a small advance over no advance at all, this program is worth your time. And if you use even one of the strategies in the first MODULE you could quadruple that advance PLUS get paid handsomely to build your platform as you pitch your book. All these things ensure your great success when your book comes OUT, too!
If you don’t have a proven strategy for your book deal and you don’t have a mentor in your corner, traditional publishing can be a brutally hard nut to crack.

Let me help you get set for success with the Book Deal Accelerator.

Hey, I’m Louisa

I’ve been writing, editing, teaching and working in print and digital publishing for over 20 years.

What you may not know, is that a little over 3 years ago, when what became my second book landed in my lap…I was determined to ink a book deal before I wrote the manuscript. I developed a system and a strategy and it empowered me to get the best deal possible for my book and I can show you how to do it too.

There’s nothing as fulfilling as seeing your life’s work and legacy out there in the world with the best chance of success.  The traditional publishing industry is tricky & cut-throat, but you CAN succeed!


  • Will you introduce me to an agent or publisher as part of the program? 

    No. There are thousands of agents and publishers out there. What I’m going to do is akin to teaching you to fish Vs giving you a meal. I’m going to teach you how to find the BEST agent, publishing house or editor for your book and make it the best deal for you.

  • How long is program access?

    You get lifetime access to the digital modules

  • What if I’m not sure whether I want to self-publish or not?

    Then this ISN’T the program for you. This is a specific program for writers who want to be traditionally-published authors. The strategy is VERY different for self-publishing, which is not something I teach.

  • Should I join The Book Deal Accelerator if I am trying to sell a fiction novel? 

    No. Nonfiction book sales differ vastly from fiction –  so don’t join this program if you are trying to sell a novel.

  • “I’ve had an offer already from an agent / publisher / editor…do I still need this program?”

    The traditional publishing industry can be brutal to first-time authors, and there’s so much to learn. Even if you have started liaising with a publisher / agent / editor this program is going to ensure you don’t fall into the common traps for first-time authors and that you get the best possible deal (and biggest success) for your work.

Contact if you have questions about whether or not this is the right fit for you.