If you’re dreaming of a big, beautiful publishing deal for your memoir or nonfiction book… The email that gets you published is the key to your success.

There’s one vital email that marks the difference between a request for pages to an offer of publication that could lead to a publishing deal, and a writer who gets no deal.

This email = the difference between an agent and a publishing offer for one writer…

And not a solitary soul requesting the work of the other. 😔
REGARDLESS of the quality or standard of the manuscript.

The email that sets a published author apart from the just-as-worthy writer who never gets a break?​

💻 The query letter [aka what i like to call your ‘pitch’].

The good news is, it’s a relatively short and simple email, and I’ve always enjoyed writing them.

Many writers do NOT, however, and always ask me for tips.

Which is why I created the Write Your Memoir Query course.​

…so if you want to learn my tricks to a query that gets a response, and write your query in a fraction of the time it would usually take you, write your query is for you!​

Why is the query letter so important?

Because you can have the most beautiful, polished manuscript…

And you might even have a lengthy, detailed synopsis…

And you might have even polished your proposal or your chapter samples within an inch of their life…

But if you cannot condense the most COMPELLING elements of your book, and YOU into a short pitch, no-one will ever ask to read your work.

Agents and publishers want a short pitch AKA a query, before they’ll even ask for a sample chapter or a synopsis.​

So, it makes sense that we should focus some time and attention on the query!

Unfortunately, most writing classes and courses are heavily focused on the manuscript only. ​

But the query is the bridge between you and an agent or publisher.

A great query is how you get your manuscript SEEN.​

Agents and publishers want to see the pitch before the full manuscript, because the query, when done right, should show them the top line plot points, the MOST compelling hook, and they should know from the query, exactly why (and if) they’ll want to know more.

They want to see a promise, an offer, something exciting.

​Something that makes them go ‘WOW, I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS STORY – AND THIS AUTHOR.’

I sold both my published books from first sending a query letter to an agent or a publisher (or both) and then getting a request for more material.

It’s the first step to getting your book seen!

I’ve written hundreds of queries over the years, and sent them to people who were, at first, complete strangers.

Who sometimes responded within an hour, sometimes within days… and then became editors, my agents, my publishers… and friends.

The first query for my first book, got an offer in less than a week!

Another led to an offer from a Big 5…[which i eventually turned down, but that’s a story for another day].

It’s a myth that you need to ‘know’ someone to break into publishing.

If you can write a great query?

That’s your break.

That’s you getting past the front door!​

Grab your free guide to writing a bestselling memoir pitch here.

If you want to know my secrets to a query letter that will get a response from an agent or editor – and most importantly, bringing the all-important TIMELINESS piece into it so you’re not waiting six months to a year to hear back, jump over to check out the course while it’s on sale.

Write your Memoir Query has everything you need to write a query that sells, including:​

👉 My own queries for both published memoirs

👉Walk-through edits and critiques of two different query letters for memoir from writers in the live workshop

👉 A template I’ve developed from my own query formulas that sold my books. You can plug-and-play for your query letter, so you can get the essentials in there and it won’t take you hours to tweak and update each submission.

👉 Author bio template so you can ensure you sound professional, present yourself effectively, and know how to position your small ‘platform’ into something enticing to an agent or editor

And a whole lot more behind-the-scenes walk-throughs and guides on how the query letter leads to a publishing offer.

I share a query that got a response for a biography and a nonfiction as well as my two memoir query letters in the course.

This material will save you YEARS of waiting, and it will even show you how to write a better book!

Learn how to write a great query that helps you break through and get your big break.​

The query and bio templates I share in the Write Your Memoir Query course have helped writers get meetings, responses and requests from publishers and agents very quickly.
One writer had her author bio written in 15 minutes after struggling for months!

To learn more click on the image below.

Write a great memoir query course has examples from memoir and nonfiction query letters that led to book deals and publishing offers…