To know the road ahead
Ask those coming back

Chinese proverb

Louisa is passionate about empowering and educating ambitious first-time authors to succeed in the world of traditional publishing. Whether it’s writing the book draft, getting yourself a great agent or publisher, building digital platform to make a bigger impact or mastering pre-launch sales strategy (& reaching bestseller status!), Louisa’s programmes, courses and mentorship reveal exactly what you need to succeed in this exclusive (and often elusive) world of traditional book publishing.


What’s most compelling about your story ? Is your hook strong enough? How can you simplify the message you wish to share? A 60 minute starter session for the writer wondering what to do next to accelerate their success.

Wanting expert eyes and ears on your pitch, platform and/or proposal strategy? This 90 minute session includes personalised reviews and a bespoke publishing strategy.


Louisa’s educational courses & programmes will teach you to:

✔️ Confidently write and revise your book draft 

✔️ Accelerate your publishing deal

✔️ Build your platform in print & online publishing 

✔️ Ensure higher book sales on publication day and beyond

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Please note – all courses and trainings are specific to traditional book publishing (not self-publishing) and nonfiction.


Louisa Deasey studied Professional Writing & Editing at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Soon after graduation, Louisa built a successful freelance writing business as a health, business, travel and psychology journalist for major magazines and newspapers including The Age, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and many more. Her travel memoir, Love & Other U-Turns, was published by Allen & Unwin and nominated for two awards. Louisa’s second book, A Letter From Paris, was published by Scribe and has been a bestseller on multiple continents and produced as an audio production by Blackstone.

Louisa blends a unique combination of 20+ years’ expertise in print & digital publishing, copywriting, editing & journalism with digital marketing, personal brand and business strategy. 

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