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Let’s chat about your publishing goals!

To know the road ahead, ask someone coming back

Chinese proverb

Do you have burning questions about your book idea or the publishing process that can only be answered by an experienced author?

Perhaps you just want to know how to pitch the story? Is your idea marketable? Should you look for an agent, or go it alone?

Having your publishing questions answered by an experienced editor and author can catapult your book forward.

Thanks to your advice, Louisa, I was able to plan writing my first book around a full-time job. Having you break down my deadline into a weekly writing schedule gave me clarity to move forward so that i could get it to the publisher on time.

Karina Machado, bestselling author

Our Skype session was really helpful for me to get a handle on where to start the book. I was so overwhelmed by the hugeness of the story, but you helped me clarify the central question, which helped me map out the synopsis.

Glynis Ratcliffe, writer

From knowing what to include in your query to getting clear enough on your universal themes and competing titles, I can help.

Not sure if your idea is too complex? Perhaps you’ve written a first draft and need help restructuring your book? Should you sign on with an agent, or try your hand at pitching on your own, instead?

Get clarity and motivation around your memoir idea

  • Ninety minutes of my undivided time devoted to your publishing goals (skype, zoom or phone)

  • Clarity and answers on next steps to get your memoir published

  • Your writing and editing questions answered by someone with over twenty years experience

  • Tailored advice on your book theme, plot dilemmas, structure or narrative

  • Insight and experience from someone who knows and loves the memoir genre

  • Follow-up email with next steps to get you closer to your publishing goal

Let’s have a 90 minute chat to get you moving forward with your publishing goals!

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