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masterclass write and sell your memoir
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    • The 4 ESSENTIAL steps you need to take to write & sell your memoir to a traditional publisher

    • The 3 things top publishers, editors and agents look for in a memoir

    • A key MINDSET shift you need to make BEFORE you start pitching your memoir

    • My FAVOURITE technique for getting a book deal with ZERO platform, NO agent and NO literary connections!


    True stories will ALWAYS make up a huge part of the publishing landscape. EVEN DURING A PANDEMIC, writers are signing with agents, selling their books, getting great deals, hitting bestseller lists across the world. Why can’t you be one of them?
    You don’t want to be chiselling away at your memoir manuscript for another five to ten years. By then the relevance may be gone, you will have lost enthusiasm, and you’ll be no closer to inking that dream book deal that you’ve had on your bucket list since you were seven years old.
    So many writers think it’s all about craft: really you need to start polishing and positioning your work before you’ve even knocked out that first draft.
    Join me in my free masterclass learn the four key ingredients to polishing and positioning your manuscript to sell in the current marketplace – even if you’ve never been published before.

    • You dream of getting traditionally published and you’re working on a personal story (a memoir)

    • You’ve finished (or almost finished) writing your draft and you want to know the right steps to take next

    • You want to know how to capture an agent or editor’s attention EVEN if you’ve never been published before

    A personal invitation from Louisa Deasey
    Louisa Deasey

    I’ve been writing and selling true stories to print and online media for over twenty years.
    I sold my first memoir (Love & Other U-Turns) on a cold query to my dream publisher and the entire process from draft to publication took less than three years. My second memoir (A Letter From Paris) sold on proposal only and has now been published in three continents and released as an audio production from Blackstone.
    The way I teach memoir and non-fiction publishing focusses more on sales strategy and mindset over slow craft and endless critiques.
    A published book is a precious gift and a valuable legacy, and I’m determined to lift back the veil on the traditional publishing industry to help as many writers as possible overcome their fears and get their stories out into the world in printed form.