FREE Memoir Masterclass with Louisa Deasey

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

✔️ The 3 MOST IMPORTANT things to do if you want to write a literary memoir, backed up by case studies
✔️ The empowering story structure used in bestselling memoirs like WILD, EDUCATED & MAID (and how you can use it, too)
✔️ Why writing memoir is GOOD for you (no-one ever talks about this!)

Louisa Deasey is one of the best teachers around, an absolute master in the process, craft, and publication of memoir. Writers would do well to stumble upon Louisa at the beginning of their journey!

Alice Lundy

Have you had an experience you want to turn into a book?

  • You want to share an experience, journey or lesson with your peers, your descendants, or the wider world via a published book

  • You’ve started writing, and stopped, and started again, but you struggle with resistance around the ‘messy middle’ and knowing what to cut and keep from your manuscript

  • You have SO many ideas for your memoir, and you don’t know how to narrow it down or outline what goes into the beginning, the middle and the end

  • You want to know a published author’s process for drafting a literary memoir

  • You want to write a literary memoir, but you don’t know where to start or what your unique hook might be

  • You’ve tried writing workshops and read books on craft, but you want the complete start-to-finish process of writing memoir specifically

  • You’re unsure what you’re allowed to include if it’s a true story: do you need people’s permission to write about them? Do you need to show others your work?

Your story is a gift to the world, a transformational tool and a precious legacy. Let me show you how to turn it into a compelling book and feel good in the process!

Hello! I’m Louisa

I’ve worked as a freelance writer, author and editor in print and online media for over 20 years.
During this time I’ve written & edited thousands of non-fiction interviews, articles, essays & features for major media and publications, and authored two books, both memoirs.
I’m fascinated by the mechanics of non-fiction storytelling and the physical and emotional benefits of writing our personal narratives. The world needs your story. Let me teach you how to share it in the most compelling and empowering way.