When you’ve been working on a book draft and particularly if it’s a memoir or creative nonfiction, it can be difficult to swing into pitch mode and suddenly condense all that work into a short, sharp, pithy pitch that gets a request for pages!

But if you want to get published? A query letter is exactly what you need to focus on to crack open the door to a literary agent or publisher requesting your work.
In this article, I’m going to share how to write a query letter and what it needs to show, plus a super valuable technique I’ve developed to help you write your query in fifteen minutes.

​Most likely, you’ve been working on your memoir or nonfiction book for more than a year. If you’ve finished the draft? Amazing, now you must bridge the divide to come out into ‘pitch’ mode so you can get an agent or publisher to REQUEST your manuscript.

And the depth of storytelling and exploration involved in writing a memoir or nonfiction draft is actually the completely opposite headspace you need to be in, to SELL what you’ve written.

​​This is what the query letter needs to do:

1:It needs to SELL what you’ve written…so agents and publishers request to SEE it.

2: It needs to SELL the story… so agents and publishers request to SEE it.

3: The query does NOT need to describe the entire story and why you wrote it. It just needs to SELL it. ​

4: The query letter (particularly for memoir and nonfiction books) needs to POSITION you as the very best possible author of this work, so agents and publishers are intrigued enough to think you could be their next fabulous ‘acquisition’!

So, how can you zoom out from the details and data and depth of your creative life enough to see what to include in this all-important document that opens the door to your publishing deal?

The secret to writing a query letter in fifteen minutes or less?

Follow a template!

​I love a template. ❤️

It’s like a recipe when you’re cooking a new dish. And when you’re writing, it just gives you that basis to get started knowing you’re on track, without having to make a million decisions from a (horrifying) blank screen.​

Yes, a template requires adjustment, just like a recipe, and you can mix and substitute certain personal preferences (I leave out nutmeg, replace with cinnamon, when I’m making pumpkin loaf), but the portion sizes, the TYPE of ingredient, the liquid/dry ratio, the cooking temperature, all needs to be followed.

In Write Your Memoir Query the templates are worth the course fee alone.
Because if you value your time, they’ll save you hours (or weeks, or more!).

You can use my own secret recipe for query letters that have led to the sale of HUNDREDS of stories, and multiple book offers and requests from agents and publishers in these templates.


A snapshot of what’s included in the Write Your Memoir Query Course

A query template you can use for the basis of your query letter (just replace certain sections depending)
Your author bio template​ (use this for your query AND your social media channels, if you know they need a cleanup!)
Step-by-step video walk-throughs of what to put in your subject line, how to move from intro to summary to author bio, word count guidelines, comparative title guidelines, and all the best practises to follow for including bylines, publishing credits, and what to do if you have only one (or none).
How to choose what to include in your bio (I explain what’s valued by agents and publishers in terms of platform).

And…. because writers always beg me for examples (even some of my great agents haven’t sent me memoir examples!)
I’m including my OWN memoir query letters that got responses in hours to days to within a week!​

Plus, in the course, I walk you through my steps to creating URGENCY to a pitch, so that you do, in fact, hear back from a publisher or agent, EVEN IF their website says to expect 12-24 weeks for a response.

And – watch me revise two writers’ memoir query letters inside the course, and walk you through certain things agents and publishers won’t want to see.
This is important.​

If you want to save time, energy, and most of all, stop wondering what actually happens when an agent or publisher opens up your query and see me walk you through exactly how my query letters led to book sales, and answer questions from students about what to include and what to leave out, Write Your Query Letter gives you everything you need to feel clear on this vital step to getting a request for full manuscript.

So you can save time AND money, when you grab the course today!​

What I share inside Write Your Memoir Query took me decades of selling true stories to major media and publishers across the world to learn.

Got questions about the memoir query letter and how it differs from the synopsis or a query for a nonfiction book? I answer every single question I get about how these two publishing categories differ in the pitch process inside the course. There’s about four hours of video presentations for you to watch or listen to inside the course.

Save the templates included inside the course (they’re yours to keep and use as you please) and you’ll have a draft in 15 minutes or less. Just swap out the sections as explained.​

Sound good?

Head here for the details and to get my best tools and guidance for a memoir or nonfiction query that gets agents and publishers to RESPOND!​

​[And learn quite a bit about the behind-the-scenes of memoir book deals, too!].

Writing a book proposal for a memoir? Learn exactly what to include for each section inside this free guide from author Louisa Deasey.