When you sign a book deal for your nonfiction with a publisher it’s such an exciting time!

But if you think your work is now done until publication week, you’ll miss out on so many crucial opportunities to maximise your chances of both launching a bestseller and maximising the publicity that you DO get on launch week!

The problem is, Publishers and Agents don’t teach author marketing and most authors who get book deals have worked so hard on crafting their books, promoting it is almost an aside they assume the publisher will do. But this means when you get to launch week (like I did, with my first book), no-one has heard of you and your book. And if you’re only doing one launch event or a handful of media appearances, your book – and you – will only get in front of a very narrow audience.

When i signed my first book contract, I knew nothing about book marketing – and quite frankly, I didn’t think I needed to!  Like most first-time authors, I thought being able to speak clearly was the only preparation I needed to do for my book launch, so i didn’t take advantage of so many opportunities to build hype and promote my book. It also meant that once the book was launched and the publisher was no longer sending me out to media appearances, sales halted to a dribble and i didn’t have any long-term strategies for continuing to make book sales.

Thankfully, I got a second chance (many writers don’t!). When I signed the book deal for A Letter From Paris in 2016 I was determined that it would be a bestseller. I also KNEW that meant I would need to take the steering wheel when it came to marketing the book and covering all the 3 key phases of the launch (not just the book launch event itself!). Each phase of your book launch has a different marketing objective so it’s not enough to announce your book on launch week or month!

If i hadn’t taken control of my author brand and marketing, there’s no way A Letter From Paris would have become a bestseller! Plenty of great books never get much attention and plenty of not-great books get loads of attention. Marketing makes a huge difference!
So here are the 3 phases of your book launch that you need to harness to make maximum sales!


The Pre-launch Phase

This 6-12 months before your book comes out is absolutely CRUCIAL in setting yourself up to become a bestselling author. There’s so much you can do in this stage to build hype and grow the audience that will be excited to grab your book as soon as it’s available!


The Launch Phase

This is where you’re really at an advantage if you’re a traditionally-published author. You get the benefit of a few key pieces of your launch marketing managed by the publisher but you also need to harness some things that you can add to really ramp up the sales and attention.

The Post-launch phase

Something really sad to me is that most traditionally-published authors don’t realise there’s so many opportunities to sell even MORE books during the post-launch phase than the launch phase! What’s exciting is that when you really set things up correctly from the start, you have assets that will lead to book sales in the months and years AFTER publication date! If you know how to market your book in this post-launch phase you will be set for a bestseller. This is how it happened for me and I’ve seen it happen for other nonfiction authors, too. But you MUST be strategic and you must teach yourself a bit of marketing – you cannot expect your publisher to teach you or do this for you.


Why did you write this book?

I’m guessing that you wrote this book because you’re passionate about the topic and have a message you long to share with the world. You want to make an impact, share what you’ve learned, leave a legacy, and connect with readers across the world. It’s heartbreaking to work for years on a book only to have it slowly peter out and disappear from view. You’ve got high hopes and big visions and you CAN launch a bestseller!

Knowing from experience how little marketing is taught to traditionally-published authors is exactly why I created a free book marketing checklist for authors. In this comprehensive checklist you’ll learn exactly what to do in each of the 3 phases of your launch so that you can reach more people with your book and your message! If you’ve written a book and publication date is set, you need this book marketing checklist!

The Bestselling Author Code covers:

  • The 3 phases of your book launch timeline you need to clarify so you know what to do to market your book and when
  • Exactly what to do in each phase of your book launch timeline so you get more eyes on your book and reach a bigger audience!
  • What actions to take before, during, and after publication date so you can promote your book to more than just your family and friends!
  • The ACTUAL code to a bestseller as proven by million copy bestsellers across the world!

If you have a book coming out you need the bestselling author code – I share the actual codes for book sales success!

I want to see more talented writers selling more of their preciously crafted memoirs and nonfiction books. I know how hard it can be to birth a book, let alone get a book deal! If you can put just a little of that effort into learning the marketing secrets of bestselling authors, you can achieve your dream (like i did!) of becoming a bestselling author.